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If you are searching for deep and immersive story that deals with sex and aliens, Abducted is a perfect game for you. This dating game is about a barista from Earth called Gio who wakes up on a research vessel that is hovering in space. He soon comes across mysterious agent from Earth, Kain, who was also abducted and the alien Grey who abducted them both. Guy’s main goal is to figure out whom to trust and possibly fall in love with while he tries to make his way back to Earth. The main advantages of this premium gay game are 16 uncensored sex scenes, 62.000 words of the unforgettable story and interesting characters. There also is a collectable system that keeps track of and rewards your decisions. Enjoy 6 separate endings that will impress you a lot for sure. The best part about this game is that you can play it on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Key Features:

· Deep and immersive story that dead with sex and aliens
· 6 separate endings
· Collectable system that keeps track and rewards your decisions
· 16 uncensored lewd scenes
· 2 unique and interesting romancible characters
· 62.000 words of story
· Visual Novel Style Interactions
· No DRM
· Windows, Mac, Linux

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