B-Engel: About Heaven And Hell

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B Engel About Heaven And Hell

A Gay Visual Novel

Step into the celestial role of a guardian angel in “B-Engel: About Heaven And Hell.” As an angel sent from the heavens, your mission is to guide Tim, an average young man navigating life’s complexities on Earth. But there’s a twist – from the moment you make contact, Tim is acutely aware of your presence. While you can sense his emotions and thoughts, influencing his decisions is out of your reach, making your task anything but easy.

Tim’s heart is secretly devoted to Jeff, the boy next door, even though he is currently in a relationship with a girl and very concerned about his public image. Will you choose to intervene in this complicated love triangle?

Communicate with Tim, build a connection, and decide how to guide him through his journey. While other mortals are susceptible to your divine influence, morally ambiguous choices allow you to enter their dreams as an Incubus. But beware, as all demons are fallen angels, and this path is fraught with peril.

Navigate the fine line between heaven and hell, make crucial decisions, and explore the intricate dynamics of love and identity in this unique visual novel. Will you help Tim find true happiness, or will your actions lead him astray?

Ready to guide Tim’s fate? Download “B-Engel: About Heaven And Hell” now and embark on a divine adventure!

Developer / CreatorPride Drawing
Size1.0 GB
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux, Android
GenresVisual Novel, Twinks, Dating Sim
LanguageGerman, English
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R18 (Uncensored)


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