Boyfriend’s Rescue – Gay Platform Game

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Boyfriend's Rescue - Gay Platform Game

Boyfriend’s Rescue is an adult platform gay game about a boy trying to save his boyfriend who is trapped in a magical book, the Gay Sutra.

Pablo’s relationship fell into a routine. Trying to create new experiences, Alex, his boyfriend, decided to go for the first time to a Sex Shop: the Big Butt. It could be a normal daily life if he hadn’t disappeared.

Desperate, Pablo started to search for him and when he entered the Big Butt, the Gay Sutra, a big purple book caught his eyes. When he looked at that naughty book, Pablo’s got a surprise.

The boy in the book looks exactly like his boyfriend! Before Pablo could have any reaction, Lady Mustache, an unusual type of fairy showed up and explained everything. Mofir, an evil villain of the Sexual Land, was kidnapping beautiful boys from the Earth to choose his next husband. Will Pablo be able to rescue his boyfriend? Can he survive in a world full of horny monsters? Which surprises will the Gay Sutra have in store for him?


  • 6 Sexual Costumes with different types of mechanics;
  • 13 Sexual Animations;
  • VOICE AND MOANS for the main protagonist;
  • Dick Ride;
  • Story Events;
  • Map Navigation;
  • Platform game inspired on the ones from the ’90s;
Version v1.00b
Developer Male Doll



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