Burning Horns: A Bara Isekai JRPG

Added by on 2022-10-11

Burning Horns is a classic JRPG gay game about a handsome firefighter student from Brazil who was summoned by attractive wizard Zafir to a magical realm where he meets muscular warriors and not only. Other creatures like elves and satyrs live freely among humans and experience free love without prejudice. However, their usual lifestyle is in danger thanks to Onoob Asrol, a scary realm-riding demon who wants to turn everyone against the kingdom. He has an army of shadows under his control and you will have to battle them all in order to improve your level. Enjoy this classic JRPG game that has an immersive world and unique playable characters. Follow the adventures of a young and handsome firefighter who has to survive in this magical world. Get rewarded with awesome sex scenes after winning multiple fights. Play this amazing game via Windows and spend your free time in the best way possible while enjoying unstoppable action.

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