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Explore thrilling adventures with our platformer gay porn games. Navigate challenging levels, overcome obstacles, and enjoy steamy storylines and encounters. Perfect for those who love action with an erotic twist, our platformers offer exciting gameplay and passionate moments. Jump in and experience the unique blend of action and desire!

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Strange Flesh

Strange Flesh

84.85K Played3 Comments

Strange Flesh is a sexy, gay, adult beat 'em up game. You play the role of The Bartender, a master of the hypnotic arts and a servant of the bar, Strange Flesh. In the game, you'll infiltrate the mind of one of the bar's many troubled patrons, and help him out however you see fit.

Boyfriend’s Rescue

Boyfriend’s Rescue

10.38K Played0 Comments

Platformer Action Adventure Boyfriend's Rescue is an adult platform gay game about a handsome guy trying to save his boyfriend who was trapped inside a magical book called the Gay Sutra. Use unique and powerful costumes in order to overcome horny creatures that will stand in your way and save your helpless partner! The key features include amazing animations and sexual costumes with different types of mechanics. The main protagonist has voice and...