Devious Valley – A Gay Stardew Valley Mod Pack

Added by on 2023-09-27

This is an upload of the popular Stardew Valley game, but now everythings is GAY!!! The barn animals are now human male cows! Production items are now male in BDSM, why need a scarecrow when you have a gay man in bondage! New Gay Event and characters! At night you can also get some action with the male residents of the village.

To play the game open the 'Stardew Valley.exe' first, then once the game has been opened once and you can see the first menu (new, load, settings, etc), quit the game. now open the 'Stardew Valley Modding API.exe'. The 'Stardew Valley.exe' is the base original game, the stardew valley modding API.exe is the gay version.

Note: Apparently people say that the mod is too old. so if you already have stardew valley or SMAPI installed, yes this version is too old. If you want to download the gay mod, its called "Undare Devious Valley", the new mod is updated for stardew valley 1.5.6 (the one in this download is 1.5.4). Of course, you need to download a lot of other stuff too to update it completely to new version.

Here is the link to the updated mod page 



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