Freezer Pops

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Freezer Pops Download Gay Game

Step into the sizzling summer world of “Freezer Pops,” where you play as Alexandre, a university student facing a daunting challenge after losing his scholarship and being left alone by his traveling roommate. With rent looming and no clear way to pay it, Alexandre stumbles upon an unexpected solution: selling gourmet freezer pops.

Inspired by a TV show, Alexandre dives into the world of beachside entrepreneurship. His first day is a smash hit, not only boosting his sales but also opening doors to meet a variety of charming new guys. But the beach isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Alexandre quickly discovers that some seasoned vendors aren’t too thrilled about his sudden success.

Navigate through the ups and downs of running a freezer pop business while also managing a blossoming love life. Will Alexandre be able to outshine his competition and find romance on the sandy shores?

“Freezer Pops” offers a unique blend of business strategy, romance, and drama. With colorful characters, engaging storylines, and plenty of steamy encounters, this visual novel will keep you hooked from the first pop to the last.

Download “Freezer Pops” now and join Alexandre on this sweet and sexy summer adventure! Will you help him find success and love under the sun?


  • 100+ Gorgeous Scenes;
  • 2 routes available;
  • 2 datable guys available;
  • 4 Endings;
  • A Unique Brazilian Adventure;
Version v2.1.2b
Developer Male Doll
GenresVisual Novel



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