Furry Heroes

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Furry Heroes is a funny premium gay game in which you took part in a magical adventure the main purpose of which is to free unique heroes. An old curse has trapped the so called Furry Heroes in a secret cave. After years of mystery, Aldebarick, the King of Ravinstara offers a huge reward to those who unveil this story. Calik, a powerful moose is summoned to help you and it is finally your moment to shy. In order to free heroes, you have to perform several processes. Unscramble the tiles to release the hero. Then, you need to follow the magic pattern before time’s up. To be sure the curse was completely removed, you need to check their bodies. This game also has a dialogue system so that you can learn more about the heroes as well as your role in this adventure. Enjoy fully animated anthropomorphic heroes with perfect bodies. You will definitely like this short narrative mixed with interesting mini-games. Discover 3 types of gameplay and have a lot of fun!

Key Features:

• 3 types of gameplay;
• Dialogue System;
• A short narrative mixed with mini-games;

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