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Manful The Attorney

Do you need attorney because you are in big trouble? Manful games presents you Dayn, a handsome attorney who is eager to help every man who has a big cock. Talk with hot stud and convince him to take off all his clothes. For all your efforts you will be rewarded with interesting and different endings.

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  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    how to play ?

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    someone help me on how to complete the game

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Fingering Ending

    Touch: Door, door handle.
    Talk: Do you work here?
    Talk: You’re kind of a bear, but still cute.
    Talk: Y’ know, you’re kind of handsome, old man.
    Talk: Hmmm, hey, take off your pants.
    Touch: All
    Talk: Mmmm, can’t wait to taste your skin.
    Talk: Take your underwear off too.
    Touch: All
    Talk: Shoot it, old man!

    Bed Ending

    Touch: Everything
    Talk: Hey, man.
    Talk: This…is the Office of Public Defender?
    Talk: It’s a bit stuffy
    ← Back
    Talk: You’re kinda of a bear
    Talk: Hmm, hey, take off your pants. (Scale briefs)
    Talk: Lift your undershirt off.
    ← Back
    Talk: Mmm, can’t wait to taste your skin.
    Talk: Dam, you’re very hairy…
    Talk: Take off your underwear too.
    Touch: Cock
    Talk: Shoot it, old man!

    • The fingering ending dind’t work

      • i just accidentally discovered however when im trying doing the patter for the second time i cant have it again

  • Corey 6 months ago

    Fuck, i love the hair. Love his muscles and his attitude. Love seeing his different shit and tie and underwears. And damn, love seeing that nice hairy muscle ass get fingered. Getting my dick so hard and wet