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Hi guys, my name is Pablo. For several years I have been collecting gay games from all over the internet and publishing them on Gaymes. Initially, Gaymes was not a commercial project, it was just a hobby. But over time, as the collection of games grew, the audience of the site began to increase, as did the hosting bills. In order for the site to continue working, I had to find out some ways of monetization. So I started placing ads on the site, even though I hate them pretty much. All the work on the site is done by only one person, and that persone is me. I’m working on this site only in my free time and since I don’t have much of it, you can see that currently the look of the site is quite outdated and the functionality needs to be fixed and let the games work and display correctly. I would really like to make numbers of updates and changes, but to complete these tasks I need to hire some specialists such as a programmer, designer, layout designer and a browser. So, I decided to appeal to audience – if you guys like Gaymes and desire to change it for the better and continue entertaining you with new games, I suggest you to financially support the project.

Here are expenses on which all donations will be spent:

  • payment for designer and layout designer services to get a modern interface;
  • payment for programmer services, to fix bugs and improve functionality;
  • expenses for organizing a download section, buying new versions of the pay games and buying a host space to place new games.

If you feel like helping the project, you can donate any amount of money that is convenient for you.

No matter what, the site will continue to work and share games with everyone absolutely free!

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