Touch and Tease 3

Added by on 2020-05-21

The third volume of the interactive erotic game series is here! This time youfll take a role of a Universityfs soccer club coach, planning to take advantage of one of your student.
Visual Novel-styled storytelling : unlike the previous two, this volume comes with a complete story told in a visual novel style.
Lots of interactions: ranging from just touching and massaging, to licking and other naughty stuffs
Item system: some actions or choices in the game will reward you with items which can be used to access new scenes
Combo system: some actions can be stringed together to form a completely new action.
Multiple endings : the ending changes based on your choice and your action.
Checklist system: not sure what to do next? Try following our checklist!

Platform: PC

Download – 174.6 MB



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