Villain Project

Added by on 2022-09-29

Villain Project is a unique puzzle gay game dedicated to all fans of fantasy theme and hard cocks. This jigsaw puzzle game differs from traditional ones of the genre. Here you get an image that corresponds to a respective piece of narrative. Each beautiful image is like a chapter of a book. When you connect them, you get a chance to see the adventure of a young man. He is trying to learn about theft and magic. Besides that, he is also very curious about gay sex. A wise master is summoned to help him gain more knowledge. Of course, you can access all images in the gallery that contains all scenes. Discover original CGs that will help you enjoy this wonderful gay fantasy store to the full. You can even find there a gay threesome. There is also a free mode available for all curious fans of this genre. Download this amazing game on your Windows desktop and spend your free time in the best way possible.

Key Features:

• Original CGs
• Original Gay Fantasy Story
• Gay Threesome
• Gallery with all scenes
• Free Mode available

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