Willy Bear Beach (Episode 1)

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Willy Bear Beach - english furry sex game in visual novel genre with a simple branching storyline.
"Willy Bear lives in the idealized east coast town of Cape Bottom Sail, where everyone is friendly, flirty, and carefree! As the player, you'll guide Willy through an average day, where you'll run into friends both old and new, and maybe even bring one of them back to your place for the night!"

How to Play:

- If you think you made a bad choice, don't worry! The game is somewhat short, and designed for several playthroughs.
- Click to continue dialogue or narration. When a choice is presended, simply click the one you want.
- Press TAB to skip read text.
- Use MOUSE SCROLL WHEEL/PAGE UP to rewind text. To enable rollback, open OPTIONS.RPY in GAME folder and change "config.rollback_enabled = False" to "config.rollback_enabled = True"

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DOWNLOAD (PC) – 63.2Mb




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