Blush Blush

Added by on 2022-10-06

In Blush Blush, you must save handsome boys who have been transformed into animals after a magical accident that as it turns out is largely your fault. It is an Idle dating game where you will rescue guys by meeting them, dating them, and falling in love. You’ll need to track down studs turned into animals, earn their trust and throw in a little seduction. After the curse is broken, each guy will want to show you their appreciation with help of passionate lovemaking. The main advantage of this dating game is that it is an Idle game, which means you’re always making progress, even while you’re away. Use microtransactions if you want to boost your progress. So work the jobs, raise your stats, and search the city for some talkative animals to begin your quest. You will surely love game’s super casual and oddly-addictive gameplay that unfolds the story day by day. Do not hesitate to play this game with a fun harem-style story that will make you forget about daily problems.

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