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When you enter the gay porn category Furry, you see fantastic creatures that look like animals and men at once. A great selection of flash games is waiting for you online on this site. You can play the hottest furry gay sex games for free. Take control over fantastic creatures having gay sex with no limits.

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Tanith And Demonancer

167 Played0 Comments

Tanith And Demonancer - Interactive 3D furry sex animation by h0rs3.


564 Played0 Comments

Zaccai - Furry male masturbation animation by h0rs3.

Milo’s Exceptionally Short Flash

591 Played0 Comments

Gay furry mini game by ToonPimp.

Kage Fapping

645 Played0 Comments

Kage Fapping - Interactive furry sex animation by h0rs3.


700 Played0 Comments

Trist - Furry sex loop.

Wolf And Fox

665 Played1 Comments

Wolf And Fox - Furry gay sex animation by h0rs3.

Stress Relief Break

989 Played0 Comments

Sam and Max gay furry sex game by Draqen.

Wereblood’s Snow Foxes

1.15K Played0 Comments

Mini-game for gay - Wereblood’s Snow Foxes! Two white fox fuck in a cozy home.

Lost And Cygnovum

799 Played0 Comments

Lost And Cygnovum - Interactive furry gay sex animation by h0rs3.

Muscle Pokemon Tentacle

1.54K Played0 Comments

BDSM porn animation with muscular gay. See how the octopus satisfies the monster with its tentacles. Patting his nipples and wrapping a powerful dick!

Taming A Wolf

1.44K Played0 Comments

Taming A Wolf - Interactive gay sex animation by subuser.

Sanner 2

1.16K Played0 Comments

Sanner 2 - Furry gay loop.

Muscle Milk

1.26K Played0 Comments

Muscle Milk - Furry gay loop.

Midnight fireworks

1.48K Played0 Comments

In this furry gay sex game you'll celebrate new year. You must moving mouse up and down to thrust the cock with adjusted speed that matches the target speed. Press Cum button as it appears.

Cum Bath

1.35K Played0 Comments

Cum Bath - Gay furry gangbang sex loop by Washa.

Paws Or Hole?

1.63K Played0 Comments

Paws Or Hole? - Interactive gay furry sex animation.

Hand Of A Friend

1.32K Played0 Comments

Hand Of A Friend - Interactive furry gay animation by shtoltz.

Eevee Boi

1.69K Played0 Comments

Gay mini game

Dicking Around

1.67K Played1 Comments

Black monster is on its knees in front of red creature that holds him by head and impales mouth on huge cock in the middle of the city. Lizard skillfully sucks and wanks cock from different angles in 3D porn animation.

Twinkle Clap

2.09K Played0 Comments

Furry threesome sex. Porno game for gays - double penetration. Try this porn game in which two muscular beasts fuck furry fox!

The View From Below

2.63K Played0 Comments

The View From Below - Interactive furry gay sex animation by Subuser.

Busky Husky

2.86K Played0 Comments

Play mini porn animation! Two dogs gay engaged in sweet fuck. Help guys enjoy sex.

Furry Enema 2

2.72K Played0 Comments

Choose a female or a male character to give an enema for.

Happy Halloween!!!

2.89K Played0 Comments

Halloween Sex Loop by Javi Chafoloco

Falco Lombardi X Fox McCloud

4.21K Played0 Comments

Falco Lombardi X Fox McCloud - Interactive furry gay sex animation by Washa.


2.17K Played0 Comments

Kage - Interactive furry sex animation by h0rs3.

XXXmas Gift

1.60K Played0 Comments

XXXmas Gift - Gay furry fucking game.

Bowser Game

2.86K Played0 Comments

Bowser Game - Bowser jerking off. Adult gay mini game by Ash. Move your mouse up-down to make monster cumshot .

Furry Foxy Anal Play

1.62K Played0 Comments

You can use a dildo, a buttplug and other items to penetrate foxy and make him have much pleasure. Select the items on the left side to watch the furry yaoi fox get fucked.

Dragoneer X Crome

2.50K Played1 Comments

Furry gay mini game

Comet And Dog

3.21K Played0 Comments

Comet And Dog - Furry gay sex animation by h0rs3.

Green Soft

2.30K Played0 Comments

Green Soft - Furry footjob. Animation by PalmarianFire

Lazy Char Wants To Play

2.95K Played0 Comments

Pokemon gay sex game.

Bun Bun Have Fun

1.93K Played0 Comments

Bun Bun Have Fun - Furry mini game by Blitzdrachin.Just press the button to give the character to cum. Easy?


3.45K Played0 Comments

Dracwarrior - Interactive gay furry sex animation by h0rs3.

Cute Furry Anal

5.81K Played0 Comments

Mini furry game for guys! Two furry gay hot fuck! Help them speed up the process and have fun.

Brian Sex

3.83K Played0 Comments

Brian Sex - mini game for guys! Little fluffy gay cute fuck! Enjoy this porn game.

Twink: Car Mechanic

5.77K Played0 Comments

Furry gay porn game.

Charmeleon Ass Fuck

3.18K Played3 Comments

Cool gay pokemon xxx game where you can choose the speed of fucking. Look !!! What did you do with your dick, this monster? But, his friend is in orgasm!

Lion Sandwich

4.92K Played0 Comments

Lion Sandwich - Furry gay Lion King threesome sex loop by Washa.

Black Leopard

3.10K Played0 Comments

Black Leopard - Gay furry xxx game by PassChan. Two furry gay men with big penises will have some cool sex! Choose how they will do it!

Deishido’s Touchdown

5.12K Played3 Comments

Deishido's Touchdown - Gay furry porno game by Deishido. Fluffy kitty wants to experience orgasm. Try to give him the right pleasure. Earn bonuses!


3.42K Played0 Comments

Xander - Interactive furry sex animation by h0rs3.

Donahue Does Madison

3.61K Played0 Comments

Donahue Does Madison - Furry gay sex game.

Fap Burd

8.57K Played1 Comments

Furry sex gameFill up the cum bar without awakening him.

Yabi’s Cum In Mouth

4.43K Played0 Comments

Yabi's Cum In Mouth - Gay furry animation.

Milo And Milking Machine

4.59K Played0 Comments

Milo And Milking Machine - Interactive furry gay sex animation by h0rs3.

Gay Test

4.81K Played2 Comments

Gay Test is made especially for those people who have the sense of humor. This gay flash game uncovers the major problem of the world.