Adobe Flash Player End Of Life

Added by on 2021-01-24

January 12, 2021 can be considered the end of an era. Оn that day, Adobe completely stopped supporting Flash Player and the launch of all content based on this technology was blocked on the Internet.

Adobe strongly recommends all users to remove the application from their computer. The reason for the end of support for Flash Player is primarily the weak security of the platform. In addition Flash Player is a fairly resource-intensive product, so today developers most often use more modern technologies.

Now, in order to continue playing Flash games, you will need to use an additional tool. Gaymes recommend to use following applications:

SWF File Player

SWF File Player is a free player for SWF (Shockwave Flash) files, can quickly open downloaded SWF files and read metadata tags from the file header. Software can automatically resize program window to fit SWF content and show it. This is a completely freeware, you can use it for free!


Ruffle is a Flash Player emulator, which runs natively on all modern operating systems as a standalone application, and on all modern browsers as extension. Ruffle puts Flash back on the web, where it belongs – including iOS and Android!

Ruffle is already installed on Gaymes and automatically “polyfill” Flash content on a website into a Ruffle player, but unfortunately this does not guarantee that all Flash games will work correctly, depends of ActionScript compatibility. If games on website don’t work, try to install a browser add-on or download SWF game and open it through application.


Lightspark is a free, open source Flash player and browser plugin written in C++/C that runs on Linux and Windows. It aims to support all of Adobe’s Flash formats.



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