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Dive into the world of visual pleasure with our CG/Art category. Here you’ll find stunning gay artworks, animations, gifs and renders crafted by talented artists. Enjoy colorful and sensual images reflecting various aspects of gay culture. An unforgettable visual experience awaits you in our CG/Art gays collection.

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[CG/Art] Funa (Hanrangen 氾濫原) – Demonic Strategy

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Gay Porn Gifs – Part 1

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[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Deity Vitus

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About: Sexual Desire Incarnate, Vitus is an essential Deity in the Haremverse. He brings forth lust and passion in their rawest form, no orgy would ever be complete without a visit from him. However, he prefers to avoid direct contact with most people as he dislikes the mortal world, preferring to stay in the realm of his origin. So when his oldest friend and lover Amotus left to spend his life in the Haremverse, it broke his heart. Thankfully, Amotus returned to him after a while and no...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Heracles

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About: Hercules is one of the strongest and most lustful Heroes in the entire Haremverse. Gods and humans alike fall on their knees for his dick, but a single partner is never enough to satisfy him. Nevertheless, a few drinks and a big orgy should be enough to make you look good in his book. The Mighty Hercules Hair Color: BlackEye Color: BrownBirthday: July 31stZodiac: LeoLocation: Cocky Edges MountainsCareer: Protector of the HaremverseStyle: Dick Pick AddictFa...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Ashmit

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About: A once great and terrifying dragon, known for destroying castles and fucking whole armies without breaking a sweat, Ashmit now lives the life of an otaku. One day, while ransacking Gem Kingdom, he stumbled on a video game and was instantly hooked, addicted to the challenges they presented. Ever since that moment, he only emerges from his treasure cave once per year, on the day of the Pride Parade, to find a hot guy to bring back to his treasure cave. Even a dragon needs his Player...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Flamingo

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About: Money, hot men and high fashion. That's all Flamingo Cervantes has on his mind. Born in an aristocratic family, he's been tutored from a young age how to appreciate money and efficiently make lots of them. Now he is one of the most successful men in the Haremverse. Everyone has had a piece of him, yet no one has managed to keep him. Flamingo Luna Delgado Galván Cervantes Hair Color: PinkEye Color: BlueBirthday: November 5thZodiac: ScorpioLocation: Fashion hous...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Björn Haraldson

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About: Björn is a strong clan leader of the dominant Norse tribes. His people are ferocious. They believe that they can only ever reach Valhalla, the seat of their gods, through rough sex. However, the lack of submissive men drove his people to other lands, seeking to fulfill their desire to dominate. So Björn led them west to find new ground with men willing to submit to his tribe. Björn Haraldson Hair Color: BrownEye Color: DarkBirthday: September 14thZodiac: Virgo...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Dr. Neo Futuro

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About: : A brilliant man, Neo, dedicated his whole life to the research of Spirimon. Years back, he discovered an interesting phenomenon that would heighten a Spirimon’s horniness as well as its stamina during sex. But there was more to discover, always more. He began to seclude himself and there are lots of rumors saying he’s mad, obsessed, and the weirdest of them all… that he hasn’t aged in a long time. Dr. Neo Futuro Hair Color: GreyEye Color: GreenBirthday: June...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Jona

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About: : A kind and attentive young man, Jona has one goal in life. He wants to become a virtue knight, protecting his land from those who would dare invade it and end the peace that he knew all his life. Despite being incredibly strong himself, he would never aspire to lead his own harem. Instead, he's quite eager to serve a strong man who is willing to take him under his wing. Jonathan EarhartHair Color: BlueEye Color: GoldenBirthday: October 2ndZodiac: LibraLocation:...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Karter

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Karter Cadence About: As a cybernetic idol designed to be the perfect pop star, Karter is a master of every instrument and able to produce songs guaranteed to top the charts. Built to handle the busy life of constant touring, interviews, and autograph signings, he'll never tire and always be ready to have a little extra fun when time allows him to show his skills on his fans' personal "instruments". Karter Cadence Hair Color: Green Eye Color: Blue and Red Bi...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Captain Vex Sharkbite

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Captain Vex Sharkbite About: Deep and dark like the sea on a stormy night, Captain Vex Sharkbite is the most famous pirate to have ever sailed the Haremverse. Greedy for gold, rum and hot young men, he will stop at nothing to prove himself the top sea dog. This kinky pirate is notoriously hard to get along with, but those who love a challenge can board his ship and make sure that his hardwood is always polished and his flag is always pitched high and proud! So dare ye' climb aboard, young...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Red Battler

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Henry Ulianov About: Originating from the cold steppes of the North, Henry Ulianov left at a young age to oriental countries to reinforce his talent for martial arts. Adept in hand-to-hand combat in every form, he learned foot techniques that are incredible in and outside the ring. He's ruthless in combat, and has a pronounced sense of justice on the ring and under the sheets. Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Brown Birthday: July 30th Zodiac: Leo Locati...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Newton Isaacs

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Newton Isaacs About: The Akademie of Mountshaft is renowned for storing all the knowledge that can be found across the Haremverse. The archivist of said Akademie is the man reviewing and cataloging all of this information. Because of this, Newton knows everything about everyone and he’s using that to his advantage, copying the sex techniques of the best men all around the world. But that’s still not enough for him. He prides himself on being very intelligent and with a potential great...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Bara Bunny

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Loïc Carotte About: Manager of your harem and fearless hero recruiter, Bunny gets his name from his appreciation of frolicking. A real perverted bunny! He insists on trying himself out on every guy who enters your harem, because he might as well mix business and pleasure. He is a "wererabbit" who can travel between worlds thanks to his "burrow" technique. Don't forget that when he plays with his five chaos sex toys, he becomes "Golden Bunny" and needs you to go hard on him. And when he's ...