[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Jona

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About: : A kind and attentive young man, Jona has one goal in life. He wants to become a virtue knight, protecting his land from those who would dare invade it and end the peace that he knew all his life. Despite being incredibly strong himself, he would never aspire to lead his own harem. Instead, he’s quite eager to serve a strong man who is willing to take him under his wing.

Jonathan Earhart
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Golden
Birthday: October 2nd
Zodiac: Libra
Location: Netherworld
Career: Virtue knight in training
Style: Sex Slave
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Hobby: Extreme sports
Fetish: Sperm lover

Parody Info: Eugeo (Sword Art Online: Alicization)

Jona’s armor is the same as Eugeo but with darker blue coloring, the cape is yellow however. Beneath his armor, he dons the same shirt but yellow as well, and his hair is the opposite, being blue rather than blond. Both are young swordsman that can use abilities related to ice and wanted to become knights, but their reason differs, Jona wanted to save people from evil, while Eugeo wanted to get to rescue Alice.

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