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Cyberbang 2069 (EXPLICIT) v1.3

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Overview: FREE, UNOFFICIAL fan project made with express permission from, and not endorsed by, CD Projekt Red. Dive into an interactive role-playing visual novel to try and win the heart of Arasaka's deadliest cyberninja, Sandayu Oda. Contains Demos to romance Goro Takemura, Johnny Silverhand, and Victor Vektor - Coming Summer 2022. [icon name="download" prefix="fas"] DOWNLOAD (WIN) - 929.5 MB

Adobe Flash Player End Of Life

18.51K Played2 Comments

January 12, 2021 can be considered the end of an era. Оn that day, Adobe completely stopped supporting Flash Player and the launch of all content based on this technology was blocked on the Internet. Adobe strongly recommends all users to remove the application from their computer. The reason for the end of support for Flash Player is primarily the weak security of the platform. In addition Flash Player is a fairly resource-intensive product, so today developers most often use more modern technologies. Ruffle is a Flash Player emulator, which runs natively on all modern operating systems as a standalone application, and on all modern browsers as extension. Ruffle pu...

Just Bros v1.29

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Just Bros is a mature adult erotic NSFW gay sim where you explore the world of gay dating life. The game will featured at least 4 planned main love interest for you to pursue. While trying to win over your preferred eye candy, you will be meeting other unique encounters which may blossom into one night hook ups. Just Bros is is lighthearted erotic which absolutely no intriguing mystery to uncover. You are just a hunky guy looking to charm your way into pants and participate in your wildest fantasy hook-ups. A dating simulation featuring multiple hotties to pursue, routes and endings. There are proper potential dates and also one night stand hookups throughout for you ...

Pride and Submission v1.5

42.48K Played4 Comments

A stubborn and arrogant prince's journey of becoming a monster's slave pet. There are tons of slave simulator games in the internet but this one is BL/ Yaoi/ Gay Slave Sim/ Visual Novel type of a game which I say the best for it’s category that I find so far the game mechanics is also complex and it gives you diffrent result on how you progressing the game. For anyone who plays from the beginning or the start from the sim screen: - Get dog sex: Test Mind control/ Alteration progress when Ray's psyche and pride are between 30-70 points. If not do that within this time, this event might never occur - Get bath event: Cleanines <0 - Get group sex: the 3rd time you do ...

Robin Morningwood Adventure

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Robin Morningwood Adventure is a gay (bara) RPG video game where you play an adventurer, discovering Whellcum, a gay village. - Learn new hot skills, buy butt plugs and craft cockrings to become a better fighter! - Play mini games to help the villagers and increase your affinity with them! - Collect underwear from the villagers to sniff them and relive their hottest NSFW memories! - Collect cards by playing Strip lucky with the villagers. Additionnal informations: Please note that the game is still in development. The main story is 95% complete around and we are planning to add one last affinity character. B...

Willy Bear Beach (Episode 1)

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Willy Bear Beach - english furry sex game in visual novel genre with a simple branching storyline. "Willy Bear lives in the idealized east coast town of Cape Bottom Sail, where everyone is friendly, flirty, and carefree! As the player, you'll guide Willy through an average day, where you'll run into friends both old and new, and maybe even bring one of them back to your place for the night!" How to Play: - If you think you made a bad choice, don't worry! The game is somewhat short, and designed for several playthroughs. - Click to continue dialogue or narration. When a choice is presended, simply click the one you want. - Press TAB to skip read text. - Use MOUS...

Demonic Strategy

29.50K Played4 Comments

Bara Gay Porn Game up to 4 differnet men to pursue. Enjoy! [icon name="download" prefix="fas"] DOWNLOAD (PC) - 222.8 Mb

Strip Games by SexyG

10.67K Played3 Comments

Strip Games by SexyG: Chinese Master, Prisoner, Punk, Hunter, Pharao, Sultan with walkthroughs. Differents touches and talks lead to differents ends, heroes may also change the type of underwear. [icon name="download" prefix="fas"] DOWNLOAD - 41.7 MB

Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part II

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!!! MUST BE PLAYED AFTER THE HARRY POTTER AND MYSTERIOUS THIEF PART I !!! Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part II is a fan game which takes place in Harry Potter universe. You play as Harry Potter, who is now working as an Auror. Harry has to work on the Mysterious Thief's case together with Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley. During the investigation he develops romantic feelings towards his former school enemy - Draco. This game is the 2nd part of the Mysterious Thief game series. Features• One to two hours of gameplay;• Four endings (2 good and 2 bad)• Ten CGs;• Four NSFW CGs;• Music; We put a lot of love and care in this game during development, so hope you will ...

The two brothers

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It's a "find 10 differences" gay NSFW game. This game is very hard! Sometimes the spots are ridiculously super small! How to play: - You find the difference - you click on the difference. - You find 10 differences - you go to next level. - You win the game - you see an gay porn scene. Platform: Windows DOWNLOAD - 328.1 MB

Monkey JANKEN Strip

16.97K Played1 Comments

Black Monkey - JANKEN strip (CG + Game +Story) gay porn game with two characters of choices with two different endings. You can choose character as Montaro the little monkey or Hiroki the humongous Ape! Platform: PC, MAC DOWNLOAD - 203.6 MB

Stranded 1

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Gay erotic Visual Novel(work in progress). PART 1 - Nymphomaniac Michael Bester is the last survivor on a planet many light-years from Earth. His monotonous existence is shaken when a mysterious second survivor appears in the facility. Patreon: [icon name="download" prefix="fas"] DOWNLOAD (Windows) - 75.9 MB [icon name="download" prefix="fas"] DOWNLOAD (Mac) - 79.4 MB

Coming Out On Top V1.71c (Uncensored)

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Coming Out on Top is a choose-your-own-fate game which places you in the role of college senior, Mark Matthews. You're about to come out of the closet and are ready to make up for lost time. With the help of your loyal roommates, play through six hilarious routes and ten unforgettable dates. 18 hot guys are waiting for you to win them over. "Coming Out On Top", is a video game where you play a college guy who finally comes out to his best friends.  The night of your announcement, you meet a mysterious stranger who wants your number.  Of course, things aren't so simple, and it's just a matter of time before all hell breaks loose. The game could be c...

Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part I

10.15K Played2 Comments

Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part I is a fan game which takes place in Harry Potter universe. You play as Harry Potter, who is now working as an Auror. Harry has to work on the Mysterious Thief's case together with Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley. During the investigation he develops romantic feelings towards his former school enemy - Draco. Since this is the first part there is only one ending, but it is important how you will get to it. Three years passed after Hogwarts. Harry is working as an Auror and he has to team up with Draco Malfoy to work on the Mysterious Thiefs case. Platform: PC DOWNLOAD - 53.9 MB

Morningdew Farms Last

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Sweet southern boy Cody always dreamed of living off the land. Now he's inherited his granddaddy's old farm and can begin a wonderful new life in the village of Morningdew--a notorious Gayborhood!Cody will need to work hard to earn money. Once he has enough cash he can upgrade his house and marry one of Morningdew's hot bachelors. In the meantime he'll be getting to know his neighbors, REALLY WELL, and will find the man he wants to spend the rest of his life with.Part farming game, part gay 'adults-only' visual novel, Morningdew Farms has everything for gay romance lovers and farm game enthusiasts!You'll plant, harvest, raise livestock, sell goods, and earn money so you can advance throu...

Touch and Tease 3

35.48K Played3 Comments

The third volume of the interactive erotic game series is here! This time youfll take a role of a Universityfs soccer club coach, planning to take advantage of one of your student. Features: Visual Novel-styled storytelling : unlike the previous two, this volume comes with a complete story told in a visual novel style. Lots of interactions: ranging from just touching and massaging, to licking and other naughty stuffs. Item system: some actions or choices in the game will reward you with items which can be used to access new scenes. Combo system: some actions can be stringed together to form a completely new action. Multiple endings: the ending changes ...