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Flixxx 2

The second part of the gay animation from Flixxx! This is a porno, a parody of the Pokemon you really like. PhuckaMon from Flixxx. Enjoy!

No controls!

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    Cock Bender Master 3 years ago

    This is the single most hottest thing I have ever witnessed. I have a wife and 3 kids and have never questioned my sexuality. I have beat gay men and punished myself for eating penis shaped objects like carrots or cucumbers. I stumbled into this master piece and i have ascended. My cock grew 2 inches and sprung out of my pants, i uncontrollably started shooting cum. Its everywhere. I am dripped in cum and still throbbing. I want to feel probie search my man ass as i sob i pleasure. please, i need this. i will leave everything behind for probie.

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    Its so fucking hot