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Labours of Eros

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Eros, the nice god of homoerotic love, is coming of age. He wish to undergo a series of labours to prove his sexy prowess in his destined position. The this adult game uses a simple stone,paper ,scissors mechanism. Tr...

Captain Yiff

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XXX adult game - Captain Yiff. A muscular wolf with a big penis fucks his friend. A beautiful flash game for gay!

Jakbot Quiz Game

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Manful The Ice Carver

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DrJavi’s Tentacle Rape

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Gay furry mini sex game by DrJavi.


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Adult yaoi mature sex mini game.

My Boyfriend v1 by HeXieXiongDi DieDieDie

1.00K Played0 Comments

Walkthrough Find 8 Rotten Bones and 8 Used Batteries in the Dump. Use tab for aid. Find 8 Pencil in the Shopping Mall and Park Find Spring Water in the Creek Mix 1 Used Battery + 1 Pencil + 1 Spring water = 1 Ba...

Nicobay Anal

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Gay Pokemon/Digimon mini sex game.


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The Drinking Buddy

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Gay Cock Game

1.79K Played2 Comments

Grab the dick of your partner and stroke it — every time you click on his googlemuffins again, he will say something sexy. Flick the cock with your finger. When he is ready to blow, just sit back and relax!

Employment – Gay Dreams

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This time main hero is a pretty young guy! Not so long time ago, he went to an university, but the student’s time is over. Now he can use his knowledge to make money. All he need is to find a good job!

Yaoi portal

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Porno gay flash game - Yaoi portal! Find the right door, where you will get cool sex!


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In a post-apocalyptic planet, hyper-masculine sexy mutants stayed in their town and tried to hold it out against deranged mutants. Set up your power characters in town, including leveling up. In fight, click and hold...

Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part II

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!!! MUST BE PLAYED AFTER THE HARRY POTTER AND MYSTERIOUS THIEF PART I !!! Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part II is a fan game which takes place in Harry Potter universe. You play as Harry Potter, who i...

Twinkle Clap

2.72K Played0 Comments

Furry threesome sex. Porno game for gays - double penetration. Try this porn game in which two muscular beasts fuck furry fox!

Doug’s Night Out

3.99K Played0 Comments

It's party time! Hot sexy guy Doug has a night out and goes to the club to dance naked and walk through the dance floor searching for like-minded boys to bonk and increase sexual skills to have sex with the stripper.

Sun Jian Flash Game

6.57K Played1 Comments

Zoro Bathy Animation

7.89K Played0 Comments

Gay porn fucking mini gameMove your mouse to fuck gay buddy.

Charmeleon Ass Fuck

3.64K Played3 Comments

Cool gay pokemon xxx game where you can choose the speed of fucking. Look !!! What did you do with your dick, this monster? But, his friend is in orgasm!

Super Hero

7.82K Played0 Comments

Gay stripping game.

Manful The Secretary

6.63K Played0 Comments

Sweet Gay Lovers

4.41K Played0 Comments

Flash Guy Labor Time 2014

5.56K Played0 Comments

Black Leopard

3.58K Played0 Comments

Black Leopard - Gay furry xxx game by PassChan. Two furry gay men with big penises will have some cool sex! Choose how they will do it!

Curt Dress-up Game

3.77K Played0 Comments

Deishido’s Touchdown

5.61K Played3 Comments

Deishido's Touchdown - Gay furry porno game by Deishido. Fluffy kitty wants to experience orgasm. Try to give him the right pleasure. Earn bonuses!

Touch And Tease 2

14.13K Played0 Comments

If you have a desire to play quality gay plot s this erotic game is the best choice! Hiishi Mamoru, your secret federal agency infatuation paid you a sojourn . Looks like he’s tired. Let’s give him a massage, and more...

Mathematics Boy Zone

7.47K Played0 Comments

In this porn game you need an ability to quickly assume. With each round the difficulty will increase. You have 10 seconds to give a response, and the last 5 will be displayed on the screen. Reward for your efforts wi...

Mathimatics Boy Zone 2

7.86K Played0 Comments

Its time to practice your math and calculations. It will be very interesting to do while playing a porn game for gays named Mathimatics BoyZone 2. Now youll see the most beautiful and sexy hentai boys as a prize for t...

Let’s Play With Smo!

4.52K Played0 Comments

Gay furry game.

Warming Sensation

4.15K Played1 Comments

Bright sex game for adults - Warming Sensation by ZonkPunch.. Help this unicorn experience a magnificent orgasm! Enjoy flash sex games for gays on our site.

Save Harry

4.68K Played0 Comments

Dressed For The Occasion

4.44K Played0 Comments

Adult Bowser dressup mini game.

Hard Job

3.75K Played0 Comments

DaneFrame's gay blowjob game.

Pizza Deliver – Gay Dreams

5.86K Played0 Comments

Pizza Delivery - flash game xxx from Gay Dreams series. The story of actions takes place after the Christmas party at home of the main character. So his fridge is totally empty and he is very hungry! Then he decides t...

Gay Bus

1.96K Played0 Comments

See the yellow bus with the sign «Gay»? Your aim is to drive it right to the gay-club. You will see homosexuals in sailor hats standing on your way. Hit them to gain points because you don't like them. Kill as ma...

Fight Night

3.44K Played0 Comments

Gay arkanoid game.

Cory In The House

3.46K Played0 Comments

Mini gay game for adults - Cory In The House! Sex parody of the famous TV series studio Disney -  "That's So Raven".

Monkey Jaken Strip

8.42K Played1 Comments

Play yaoi rock-paper-scissors strip game right now! Two nasty boys are ready to play with you! Select Montaro (easy) or Hiroki (hard) and win to see him stripped down naked! Enjoy!

Tekken Miguel Caballero Rojo

10.21K Played1 Comments

Hot guy can’t stand the tension and start hitting on his friend. This is a game about sex between two men. Gay game by Scent.


6.70K Played1 Comments

Awankar - Avatar flash game by Garyu. Great porn game for gays. Caress this handsome, that he would have fun! Enjoy this xxx game!

Inuyasha Dress-Up Game

5.86K Played0 Comments

Lay Street Fighter Ryu’s Wood Cabin

9.54K Played2 Comments

Yaoi Boy Cocksucker

4.65K Played0 Comments

Egg-filled Gabriel

2.49K Played0 Comments

Gay furry mini game

Vaporeon Sucking Charmeleon

2.22K Played0 Comments

Pokemon mini blowjob game

Force Feeding Panda

3.06K Played0 Comments

Furry gay sex game by PassChan.