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Awankar - Avatar flash game by Garyu. Great porn game for gays. Caress this handsome, that he would have fun! Enjoy this xxx game!

Inuyasha Dress-Up Game

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Lay Street Fighter Ryu’s Wood Cabin

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Force Feeding Panda

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Furry gay sex game by PassChan.

Manful The Forest Ranger

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Talk to this cool young man with six-pack and try taking his pants off to see what he is hiding there. Be cunning and strip him down touching big dick to make it hard and see forest ranger cumming for you!

Flash Guy – Thanksgiving

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Play Flash Guy: Thanksgiving 2014 by Humpex flash gay porn game online free.


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Gay game by Garyu.

Hipster Dress Up

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Dressup v01

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GTA X – Nico’s Solo

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Two power exorcists enters the night shadow realm, culling the restless spirits in the underworld to preserve balance with the living world. But the shadow realm holds important secrets. Click on the your hero to buil...

Hemorroid Hero

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Driver Dreaming

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Gay Harem

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Flash Guy Pride Month 2014

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Cruising Room

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Very interesting porn gay game! Cruising Room - The Cheerful Romeo Amusement presents you an experience which can take you away from problems of genuine life! Here you have got a chance to perform all your gifts to i...

3D Virtual Gay

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Here you can enjoy male body and fuck a cute guy! Masturbate his main muscle and make him cum. Play with his cock and tease the dickhead!

Durarara yaoi game

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This is a beautiful story in the form of a yaoi flash porn game. Here you can discover the several sex scene drawn in the hentai style! Enjoy!

Pokeboys ultimate edition

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Cool adventure sex game where you go battle mysterious Pokeboys. Self explanatory


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Help the gay guy prepare to the date with his beloved boyfriend!

Touch And Tease 1

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Gay undress gay game by Dudedle.

Grand Fuck Auto

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Ninja Yaoi: Make Out Tactics 1

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Gay game by AetherMD Stroke the body (nipples, navel or genitals) of either guy (including with in the special scenes) to stimulate them to climax

Gay Operation

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You should help this poor guy get rid of unnecessary things from his ass.


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Furry bdsm gay mini game by Zambuka.

Shinobudama Senpai Nugashi

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There are 2 endings with this flash porn game: Good Ending: You confess your feelings and the feeling is mutual. You move in with your senpai and fuck like wild monkeys. Bad Ending: You disgust your senpai and you b...

My Personal Driver

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Gay porn game

Throbbing Cock

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Stefanus de Kinky Keeper

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Kitchen Fever

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Go to a charity party, find a nice guy and get a lot of new experiences!

The Punisher Swallow That Dick!

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Flash Guy Relaxation Time 2014

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Collect 50 swirlies to make relax guy cum


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Falcon Grey

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Strip Falcon!

Ringtail Experiment

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Male furry adult mini game.

Labours of Eros

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Eros, the nice god of homoerotic love, is coming of age. He wish to undergo a series of labours to prove his sexy prowess in his destined position. The this adult game uses a simple stone,paper ,scissors mechanism. Tr...

Captain Yiff

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XXX adult game - Captain Yiff. A muscular wolf with a big penis fucks his friend. A beautiful flash game for gay!

Jakbot Quiz Game

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Manful The Ice Carver

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DrJavi’s Tentacle Rape

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Gay furry mini sex game by DrJavi.


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Adult yaoi mature sex mini game.

My Boyfriend v1 by HeXieXiongDi DieDieDie

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Walkthrough Find 8 Rotten Bones and 8 Used Batteries in the Dump. Use tab for aid. Find 8 Pencil in the Shopping Mall and Park Find Spring Water in the Creek Mix 1 Used Battery + 1 Pencil + 1 Spring water = 1 Ba...

Nicobay Anal

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Gay Pokemon/Digimon mini sex game.


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The Drinking Buddy

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Gay Cock Game

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Grab the dick of your partner and stroke it — every time you click on his googlemuffins again, he will say something sexy. Flick the cock with your finger. When he is ready to blow, just sit back and relax!

Employment – Gay Dreams

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This time main hero is a pretty young guy! Not so long time ago, he went to an university, but the student’s time is over. Now he can use his knowledge to make money. All he need is to find a good job!

Yaoi portal

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Porno gay flash game - Yaoi portal! Find the right door, where you will get cool sex!