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Labours of Eros

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Eros, the nice god of homoerotic love, is coming of age. He wish to undergo a series of labours to prove his sexy prowess in his destined position. The this adult game uses a simple stone,paper ,scissors mechanism. Tr...

Pirate Gay Porn Game 7

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Pirate Gay Porn Game 7 is a sex flash game for you, sweet boys. Here two naked mans hot fucking each other in the ass. In doggie style the love each other without any prejudice. They are not traditional sexual orienta...

Jakbot Quiz Game

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Veemon And Flamedramon

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Short animation for cute gay guys! Two monsters fucking each other sweetly!

Manful The Oil Wrestler

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Flash Game – Gay Dick

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Summer is a hot sex time! Where relax this long-awaited two weeks? This is a question for the majority of guy. Our sexi hero decided to go on the seashore but he doesn’t have a boy. Become his sex partner for this eve...

Manful The Oil Rig Worker

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Manful The Ice Carver

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Buster Does Anal

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Cute sex animation for gays. Little rabbit jumping on a big cock!

DrJavi’s Tentacle Rape

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Gay furry mini sex game by DrJavi.

Pirate Gay Porn Game

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Sex with sweet Gay! This is a porn game that will carry away in a gay world. Here you can do whatever you wish. Just imagine just you and your lover having hard sex in a dangerous adventure. See is hiding many interes...

Scanning Machine

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Mini adult game for gay -Scanning Machine. To see this guy naked, scan him. Wow, very big and muscular dick !!!

Xoediac’s Wolf

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Xoediac's Wolf - Mini gay xxx game. Wow what a furry wolf!!! Play with his powerful penis, help him to cumshot.

Guanino Dragon Ball Z Broly vs Trunks

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Dragon ball XXX gay parody where Broly wins Trunks and penetrates his mouth with huge cock on the rights of champion. But it seems Trunks succumbs to Broly's pressure with great pleasure and takes his tool as deep as...

Gay Jerk Off 3

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Young sweet captain is jerking off in his state cabin. Help this swxy gay to get an orgasm. As you can understand he is quite along in the middle of the Boeing. He is prohibited to have sexual relation with colleagues...

Bump in the Night

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If you think that gay monster blowjobs sounds like fun, then you'll want to try Bump in the Night. Do your thing, and give your bud a perfect 10, if you think you can. It's harder than it looks! Hope you have as much...

Manful The Teacher

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Wild Hunters

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Wild Hunters - Mini flash gay game by AetherMD. Two pretty young guys fucking! You can manage this porn game.

Nicobay Anal

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Gay Pokemon/Digimon mini sex game.

Manful The Bartender

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Manful The Detective

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Manful The Swimmer

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Jakbot The Locker Room

2.35K Played1 Comments

Flixxx 1

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Flixxx 1 - Fun adult gay sex animation.

Jerk Off Johnny

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Meet sweet gay Johnny. He loves jerking off at the outdoor. Johnny loves when somebody does it for him. Help him.

Christmas Keric

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1.39K Played1 Comments

An exciting gay porn game - Thirstchasm! Manage the furry guy you need to discover a way out of the space. He can be captured fucking by monsters!

Pirate Gay Porn Game 3

2.98K Played1 Comments

Sex Gay 3 - Fucking on the ship. This is third part flash game. Seduce a pirate on a bark! Fuck this guy in a new sex pose. He loves to have sex on big boxes like on the table with widely spread legs so that you will ...

The Drinking Buddy

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Manful The Supervillian

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Manful The Lumberjack

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Gay Cock Game

1.79K Played2 Comments

Grab the dick of your partner and stroke it — every time you click on his googlemuffins again, he will say something sexy. Flick the cock with your finger. When he is ready to blow, just sit back and relax!


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Manful The Bodybuilder

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Sex on the Beach

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Muscle Pokemon Tentacle

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BDSM porn animation with muscular gay. See how the octopus satisfies the monster with its tentacles. Patting his nipples and wrapping a powerful dick!

Employment – Gay Dreams

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This time main hero is a pretty young guy! Not so long time ago, he went to an university, but the student’s time is over. Now he can use his knowledge to make money. All he need is to find a good job!

Ninja Yaoi: Make Out Tactics 2

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Ninja Yaoi: Make Out Tactics 2 - Gay mini animation by AetherMD.

Manful The Savage Warrior

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Yaoi portal

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Porno gay flash game - Yaoi portal! Find the right door, where you will get cool sex!

Manful The Pro Wrestler

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Manful The Police Officer

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In a post-apocalyptic planet, hyper-masculine sexy mutants stayed in their town and tried to hold it out against deranged mutants. Set up your power characters in town, including leveling up. In fight, click and hold...

Gay Bar

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Manful The Gardener

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Pride and Submission

3.81K Played1 Comments

A stubborn and arrogant prince's journey of becoming a monster's slave pet DOWNLOAD - 241.8 MB Platform: Windows, Linux

Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part II

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!!! MUST BE PLAYED AFTER THE HARRY POTTER AND MYSTERIOUS THIEF PART I !!! Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part II is a fan game which takes place in Harry Potter universe. You play as Harry Potter, who i...

Jerck Off Sweet Gay

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This is 3D Porn Game - nice sexy game for boys that likes handsome gays! This flash gay game for adult will invite you in a world of pleasure and fantastic sex satisfaction. Playing the next part of this popular gay p...