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Sweet Gay Lovers

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Nyrean huntress

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This illustration shows what's happening in the text based game Trials in Tainted Space. This time you'll see Steele (you can select gender) and Alpha Huntress. First Steele will suck huge cock and then bend...

Daring Charming

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Flash Guy Labor Time 2014

16.74K Played1 Comments

Curt Dress-up Game

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Dressup Hero

18.96K Played0 Comments

Chris Redfield Gay Scene

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Move your mouse to suck dick!

Animated 3D homework

15.18K Played2 Comments

Gay Porn Loop

Rack by fek (BondageScience)

31.13K Played2 Comments

Use your hand to give your subject an orgasm. Click and drag up and down.

The Blacksmith – Manful

11.94K Played2 Comments

The Man Whore

12.97K Played0 Comments

In this flash game main character is very strong muscular gay. You can give commands to this cute guy.You can do with different actions for example to strip, get to turn around or lie down on the bed. You can even fuc...

Rock And Love 1

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First part of yaoi sex mini game by AetherMD.

Manful The Skier

18.42K Played3 Comments

Flash Game – Gay Dick 5

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Zulu princes waits you in a new flash gay game named as Gay Dick 5. This cute boy stimulates his flaming cock. Help him reach his orgasm. Hold the mouse and move it up and down to let him reach the climax. You need to...

Netto X Enzan

10.02K Played0 Comments

Ero Shounen specials. Adult gay mini game by AetherMD.

Monkey Jaken Strip

20.15K Played7 Comments

Play yaoi rock-paper-scissors strip game right now! Two nasty boys are ready to play with you! Select Montaro (easy) or Hiroki (hard) and win to see him stripped down naked! Enjoy!


14.00K Played3 Comments

Snuggie Buddy Alan-Adam

18.29K Played1 Comments

Gay porn game by AetherMD

Pokeboys – Safari Zone

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Bottoms up for maxxi kun

11.43K Played0 Comments

Bottoms Up For Maxxi Kun is a gay porn game where you can fuck a cute shota boy.

Sleeping Eric

11.51K Played3 Comments

Mini game by Wahn.

Cowboy Milking

20.43K Played1 Comments

Cowboy Milking - Gay xxx mini adult game. Help the young cowboy satisfy his boyfriend and get a lot of milk!

AetherMD’s Sticky

16.06K Played2 Comments

AetherMD's Sticky - Yaoi xxx game by AetherMD. The young gay fell into the clutches of a monster - the king of penises! Wonderful porn game - make you experience the most desirable fantasies. Help the monster fuck thi...

AetherMD Boys Harem Paradise 3 Side A

13.02K Played1 Comments

Gay Jerk Off 2

9.45K Played0 Comments

Cumshot over and over again with a flash gay game Gay Jerk Off 2! Very sexy ebony gay is very tired after the meeting in office. Now he is sitting on the work floor and need your participation! Only you can help him r...

Touch And Tease 2

60.55K Played4 Comments

If you have a desire to play quality gay plot s this erotic game is the best choice! Hiishi Mamoru, your secret federal agency infatuation paid you a sojourn . Looks like he’s tired. Let’s give him a massage, and more...

Mathematics Boy Zone

23.03K Played0 Comments

In this porn game you need an ability to quickly assume. With each round the difficulty will increase. You have 10 seconds to give a response, and the last 5 will be displayed on the screen. Reward for your efforts wi...

Mathimatics Boy Zone 2

22.07K Played1 Comments

Its time to practice your math and calculations. It will be very interesting to do while playing a porn game for gays named Mathimatics BoyZone 2. Now youll see the most beautiful and sexy hentai boys as a prize for t...

Manful The Bouncer

26.63K Played4 Comments

Castro Cummunity Theatre 3: Myth Conceptions

11.78K Played0 Comments

Castro Cummunity Theatre, third part! The next series of porn animations with familiar characters. See the adult cartoon on our website!

Mike And Josh

26.19K Played2 Comments

Mike as usual spent time in his university dorm room. But soon appeared his new roommate Josh. After a short communication Mike decided to sit closer to Josh and caress him...

Palacius The Elite Athlete

24.73K Played0 Comments

Meet and interact with Palacius. Palacius is a gay elite athlete . Follow the dialog and become friends with him. He might even would let you borrow his jewelry. Gay game by HiddenLair. Today you will finally get you...

Jerk Off Brian

17.70K Played1 Comments

Hot and beautiful boy in this 3D gay game is called Brian. Judging by his almost perfect body, he probably works as a top model. Now he really wants you to caress him. Just grab his dick tightly and caress it.

An Enhancement

25.29K Played6 Comments

An Enhancement - After returning from a visit to the local mediceman Zarlo decides to play a trick on an old friend.

Adulterers the sky

10.18K Played0 Comments

The game has both male and female characters so it is for both gay and straight players. The Adulterers is an ancient secret society wielding the powers of sex. A new planet filled with sexual parasites was found, and...

Manful The Waiter

38.58K Played6 Comments

Flash Game Pilots Gay

32.13K Played0 Comments

This is porn output Flash Game Pilots Gay! There is nothing to do during the flight on autopilot but having hot sex. Welcome to a aircraft gay party with beautifuls guys. Play the role of a viewer and conduct the acti...

Hard Job

20.18K Played4 Comments

DaneFrame's gay blowjob game.

3D Porn Game for Gay

16.96K Played2 Comments

3D Virtual Gay - part 3! This is xxx flash game gives you a chance to have a sex with a cute guy on a wild field. Play with his penis and get a sexual pleasure. This guy is waiting for your caress; he will say you ma...

Naruto’s Training

52.81K Played1 Comments

Naruto's Training - Adult Naruto gay sex animation.

Pizza Deliver – Gay Dreams

27.03K Played4 Comments

Pizza Delivery - flash game xxx from Gay Dreams series. The story of actions takes place after the Christmas party at home of the main character. So his fridge is totally empty and he is very hungry! Then he decides t...

Purgatory Boy

10.00K Played0 Comments

Shemale frotting mini porn game.

Gay Bus

5.06K Played0 Comments

See the yellow bus with the sign «Gay»? Your aim is to drive it right to the gay-club. You will see homosexuals in sailor hats standing on your way. Hit them to gain points because you don't like them. Kill as ma...

Fight Night

12.64K Played0 Comments

Gay arkanoid game.

Flash Game Pilots Gay 3

13.43K Played0 Comments

Very blue sky, fresh air and flight, all these should give you an idea to have some cool sex! So what that there is no any girls,you don't need them. It's better try something forbidden. Your boyfriend also ...

Manful The Pop Star

33.41K Played9 Comments

Flash Game – Gay Dick 2

13.00K Played0 Comments

Second part of Gay Dick is a gay flash game for boy who wants to relax this evening. In this sexy game you will meet a handsome guy just in a t-shirt. Just imagine: nothing else, so his big cock wish a petting. Take c...

Anubis Curse

16.21K Played0 Comments

Anubis Curse - funny gay xxx animation about fallic wolf. So you like big cocks and balls? Check this out!