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Gay Test

15.94K Played3 Comments

Gay Test is made especially for those people who have the sense of humor. This gay flash game uncovers the major problem of the world.

Lion’s Pride

26.37K Played0 Comments

Lion's Pride - Cute furry gay loop.

Naruto Yaoinami Style

26.32K Played0 Comments

Watch Free Naruto Gay Porn Animation

Superman Shaking

12.04K Played0 Comments

Superman Shaking - Sexy Animation by SexyG

Yaoi Hunk Sexy Loop

13.88K Played1 Comments

Gay Muscle Sex Loop

Yaoi Tentacles Animation

10.94K Played0 Comments

Gay Fucking Loop

7.08K Played1 Comments

Gay Fucking Loop

Yaoi Сhip Jerkoff

6.95K Played0 Comments

Jerk Off Punk Sex Loop


6.08K Played0 Comments

Gay Blowjob Loop

Black Gay Threesome

9.18K Played2 Comments

Black Gay Threesome Fucking Animation

Oathkeepers Namines Room Sora x Roxas

12.07K Played0 Comments

Solid Snake

24.53K Played3 Comments

Solid Snake - Gay Sex Animation by Iomar (HumanMammals)

Glee Puckurt Makeout Session

10.98K Played0 Comments

Gay Kiss Sexy Loop

For Whom The Bell Tolls

10.82K Played0 Comments

Death Note – Milkshakes

16.04K Played8 Comments

Noisy love

9.79K Played0 Comments

Amazing gay loop game of two excited studs having passionate and unstoppable sex. They moan with pleasure while having fun in doggystyle position. Aroused hunk who is the top grabs blond partner's throat and keeps pounding him from behind. Gays moan so nicely that these sounds with ease can make you horny as hell. Have a lot of fun watching this loop.

Walter The Bell Boy

15.78K Played3 Comments

Funny loop in which an innocent bell boy is properly drilled by a tall black stallion. Adorable white guy with impressive cock submits to an excited chocolate stud with massive dick who roughly fucks him in an amazing standing position. Watch bell boy earning extra tips and rolling his eyes with pleasure during hard anal sex with a horny black client. Gay Porn Loop by SexyG

Bara Fucking Loop

18.03K Played2 Comments

Bara Sex Loop

Dragon Jerkoff

29.63K Played0 Comments

Drakon - Interactive furry gay sex animation by Garyu.

Mike and Josh

22.95K Played5 Comments

What horny boys do when they are alone in the dorm? Thanks to this amazing 3D animation game, you can take look at two roommates who instead of doing homework or preparing for upcoming exams have wonderful oral sex in pose 69. Watch from various angles how excited gays suck each other's hard cock and slowly drive one another to a mutual orgasm.

Yaoi Daneframe

18.16K Played1 Comments

Gay blowjob loop

Blodiax Digimon

8.82K Played0 Comments

The Dark Knight Rises

23.69K Played0 Comments

Sexxi Batman! Fun animation with Batman! Sensual hero goes to save the world!

Blodia X JerkOff Animation

39.86K Played2 Comments

Attractive warrior with golden vambraces on his hands is sitting naked in front of you with cock in his hand. Admire the way this good-looking stud is jerking off while staring at you. Click on the special button at any time you want in order to make hot boy cum. Enjoy perfect animation and the powerful orgasm that guy reaches thanks to your efforts.

Dragonspyrit cumshots animation

5.61K Played0 Comments

Final Fantasy VII

13.80K Played1 Comments

Handsome character from the Final Fantasy franchise is relaxing after a hard day at work. Blond guy with a perfect body puts on a collar and starts jerking off. He strokes own exceptional meatstick while fantasizing about other thick dicks. Enjoy the way excited and muscular hunk is ardently touching throbbing cock slowly driving himself to orgasm.

Yaoi Happy Halloween

6.58K Played0 Comments

Yaoi Happy Halloween - Trick or treat?

Scent – 20k Gift Animation

20.75K Played1 Comments

After the battle, two warriors decide to relax on the secluded and rocky shore. Attractive stud with ragging boner is not shy to ride hard dick belonging to his muscular partner. Thanks to the high quality of animation, you can enjoy every second of this wonderful loop scene. Watch how severe warriors entwine naked bodies and make love in the fresh air.

Skeet Fighter 2

5.53K Played1 Comments

Unexpected attraction between street fighter and his ugly opponent leads to unforgettable and passionate gay sex. Listen to funny and catchy short song while watching how excited boxers lick each other's ass and not only. Enjoy the way tough guys culminate their interracial anal affair with unusual cumshot.

Zigfreak and flying fuck

18.89K Played6 Comments

On a mysterious and desolate planet covered only with dick-like plants, an eccentric adventurer is held captive in a strange cave. Tentacles hold naked guy in the air. Watch how he gets confronted by a strange flying cock. Fat creature shoves itself deep into gay's welcoming ass and fucks him hard before filling butthole with tons of hot cum.

The ultimate showdown of homosexuality

18.05K Played0 Comments

It is not a secret that there are many gay oriented personalities in the world. Many famous people are gays! So what? Just imagine that all world famous people become gays. How do you think, what will happen?

I Love You

9.05K Played0 Comments

Muscular hunk with inked left arm is passionately making out with handsome partner. They are completely naked so nothing stops excited gays from feeling hard cocks pressing up against each other's perfect body. Excited studs water mouths while their delicious dicks are adamant and covered with precum. Enjoy for free this amazing gay animation game.

Castro Cummunity Theatre 5: A Star Is Porn

33.23K Played0 Comments

In the new episode of funny adventures, founders of new theatre are preparing for the show. Inner conflicts between the crew cause the light and sound tech to go on a coffee break together with muscular actor. In the nearby coffee shop, they meet an attractive barista who in fact is a rapper. He demonstrates skills to clients making them both very horny. They even sneak into the toilet in order to have a spontaneous threesome. After awesome group sex, they decide to bring new guy to the rehea...

Castro Cummunity Theatre 1: Rectum For A Dream

23.64K Played1 Comments

This is the first episode of the parody story about gay buddies who turned an old bathhouse into a special theatre. Follow the adventures of handsome gays who renovate the place thanks to a magic dildo. While making the entire building look even better, partners become very horny. One look at dildo inside the ass of the light and sound tech motivates gays to initiate a spontaneous threesome. Enjoy amazing animation and funny action. Don't forget to watch other episodes of this interesting story.

Castro Cummunity Theatre 4: Rehearsal

23.70K Played1 Comments

The fourth episode of funny gay story features founders of a new theatre who gather up in order to have a rehearsal. They try to learn the lines but one dumb actor keeps ruining everything. The director becomes angry and horny. He drags the light and sound manager into ardent sex on the stage. Meanwhile, the producer fucks muscular actor and busty transgender behind the scene. They release the stress and are ready to continue the rehearsal. Watch next episodes and enjoy the unforgettable story.

Gay Bar

10.60K Played1 Comments

This funny gay clip is dedicated to the famous song performed by a six-piece American rock band called Electric Six. The best part about the clip is that its main heroes are cute dogs and cats dressed in unusual and funny outfits. They sing the entire song and one of them even plays guitar in a very amusing way. If you are a fan of this band, you will enjoy this awesome gay clip for sure. Watch funny animals singing hilarious song that will raise up your mood and will make you forget about s...


35.18K Played1 Comments

Do you like Matrix? And what if everybody in the Matrix were gays? Check it out with a great game for gays Gaytrix!

Po-Ju On Chair

33.44K Played0 Comments

Po-Ju On Chair - Gay Porn animation loop.

Castro Cummunity Theatre 3: Myth Conceptions

33.21K Played0 Comments

In the third episode of funny gay store, the crew is gathering up for a meeting in order to choose the play they want to perform on the stage. The new actor, John, accidentally pronounces the wrong author making all gays scared. In order to avoid the problems, they decide to arrange an awesome orgy in which also takes part blond transgender with thick cock. After all participants reach orgasms, one of them finally decides what play they will perform. Follow next episodes and enjoy their adven...

Castro Cummunity Theatre 6: A Hole Lot Of Glory

41.68K Played0 Comments

Castro Cummunity Theatre. The sixth part is "Hole Lot Of Glory". Gay animation - the story of a few guys in the city of Los Angeles. Watch the porn story and enjoy a great blowjob.

Castro Cummunity Theatre 2: Bi Now, Gay Later

26.29K Played0 Comments

This funny gay porn clip is the second episode of the wonderful story about friends who decided to create a special theatre. In this episode, they are searching for actors and initiate casting. After rejecting many candidates, they finally meet a handsome guy called John who is not shy to express emotions and demonstrate other parts of his muscular body. The director manages to turn the audition into a crazy foursome. Even the producer who is bisexual takes part in unforgettable gay group cop...

Broly Fucks Goku

31.28K Played1 Comments

Broly Fucks Goku - Adult gay loop.

Ninja Yaoi: Make Out Tactics 2

75.54K Played5 Comments

Ninja Yaoi: Make Out Tactics 2 - Naruto Gay Mini Animation by AetherMD.