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Horse Slave

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Furry gay dressup game by Marvin Redtail

Manful The Mad Scientist

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One Piece Yaoi – Zoro’s forced pleasure.

13.01K Played2 Comments

Zoro is tied up now so nothing can stop you taking off his T-shirt and pants using different sex stuff to make him feel good. Choose knives, dildos or lips applying them to his fun parts.

Manful The Male Nurse

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While The Team’s Away

12.55K Played1 Comments

While The Team's Away - Gay flash game by AetherMD. Help this guy in the porn game to have fun and a lot of warm sperm. In the game you can get bonus points.

Ichigo Kurosaki BJ

6.82K Played2 Comments

Gay mini sex game.

Ero Shounen Specials

8.22K Played4 Comments

Yaoi gay sex game by AetherMD.

Male Furry Blowjob

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Furry gay mini game.


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Fabulous green-skinned man gets it on orally and anally with various superheroes who bonk him under your control. Hard as rock penis enters mouth and tight hole between sexy butt cheeks in various sex positions.

Flash Guy Easter 2014

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Manful The Butler

17.21K Played2 Comments

Flash Guy Chinese New Year 2014

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Manful The Stripper

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Manful The Skater

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Shotacon gay adult masturbation game.

Manful The Chef

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Manful The Army Officer

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Manful The Paperboy

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Manful The Librarian

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Manful The Firefighter

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Manful The Pirate

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Manful The Baseball Player

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Koopa Riding

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Gay mini sex game.

Flash Gift Rai

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Manful The Manager

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Manful The Gymnast

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Manful The Tennis Player

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Flash Gift Zeoh’s Experiment

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Manful The Oil Wrestler

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Manful The Oil Rig Worker

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Manful The Teacher

8.65K Played3 Comments

Wild Hunters

5.08K Played2 Comments

Wild Hunters - Mini flash gay game by AetherMD. Two pretty young guys fucking! You can manage this porn game.

Manful The Bartender

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Manful The Detective

7.68K Played1 Comments

Manful The Swimmer

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Jerk Off Johnny

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Meet sweet gay Johnny. He loves jerking off at the outdoor. Johnny loves when somebody does it for him. Help him.

Christmas Keric

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Milo’s Exceptionally Short Flash

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Gay furry mini game by ToonPimp.

Manful The Supervillian

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Manful The Lumberjack

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Stress Relief Break

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Sam and Max gay furry sex game by Draqen.

Manful The Bodybuilder

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Ninja Yaoi: Make Out Tactics 2

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Ninja Yaoi: Make Out Tactics 2 - Gay mini animation by AetherMD.

Manful The Savage Warrior

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Manful The Attorney

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Manful The Pro Wrestler

6.12K Played2 Comments

Eevee Boi

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Gay mini game

Manful The Police Officer

9.10K Played2 Comments