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Truhan Blue Lagoon

This animation contains 3 differents sexual positions. You can see them by clicking on Next/Previous arrows.
You can decide who’s on top and who’s bottom by clicking several times with your mouse cursor over their haircut. You’ll see we covered all Gohan/Trunks variation (short haired, long haired, super saiyajin, super saiyajin 2, ultra saiyajin) for all possible universe Dragon Ball Z/Kai Android/Cell/Buu Saga, History of Trunks Universe and even Dragon Ball GT. This way you’re sure to have your favorite Gohan/Trunks pairing.
The magnifying glass will allow you to zoom the scene from various angles.
The heart shaped symbol will show you bonus close up mini scenes.
Lastly, the yellow sign will show you extra animations when they reach their orgasm.

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