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BlodiaX Dragon Ball Z Gohan

75.00K Played30 Comments

Game Password: dj21118@aim.com

Metal Gear Solid X: Hard Snake

38.91K Played16 Comments

Hover your cursor on Snake's cock to "rub" it, giving him a hard-on. The cum-o-meter constantly depletes, so be quick!

X-Men: Nightfall

23.39K Played3 Comments

X-Men: Nightfall - Gay Porn game. Pump the Focus Meter up as the Cum Bar fills for a higher chance of a sticker ending. HINT: Unlock the Movie Mode and Bonus scene on Hard with a filled Focus Meter. Catch the running...

Night Attack!

57.44K Played6 Comments

Strip the man while he sleeps and try to make him cum.

Resident Evil 5: Chris’ Capture by Humplex

24.02K Played2 Comments

Resident Evil: Chris' Capture - Adult Gay Porn Game. Unfortunately for Chris, hes been captured by some bad men. Fortunately for you, its time to take advantage of him!You should make the soldier cum and take awa...

Skwisgaar Blue

12.71K Played0 Comments

Two sexy men with blonde and black hair have touchable bodies and immense balls that hide a lot of sperm that must be freed by the player. So men wank each other's huge batons and by clicking the button you make guys ...

Gay Porn Game 2

13.67K Played0 Comments

This is the second part from gay porn games series. Play with a guy’s cock and make him cum.  Use your mouse to grab his dick and stroke it every time you click on his google muffins again - he will say so...

Manful: The Butcher by Humplex

15.52K Played1 Comments

Butt Slap Ending Talk: Hi, bro.Talk: You own this place?Talk: How long have you owned this place?Talk: Can I try that apron on?← BackTalk: Your costumers must love you.Talk: Are those your work pants?Touch: Ass← B...

Make Him Cum 1

10.99K Played0 Comments

Fap Wuffl

10.20K Played1 Comments

Increase the cumbar and make sure the sleepbar doesn't reach 0.


13.19K Played0 Comments

Adult yaoi mature sex mini game.

Wanted Dead or Alive

18.40K Played0 Comments

Bun Bun Have Fun

4.62K Played0 Comments

Bun Bun Have Fun - Furry mini game by Blitzdrachin.Just press the button to give the character to cum. Easy?

Fap Burd

17.93K Played4 Comments

Furry sex gameFill up the cum bar without awakening him.

Leobo Handjob

6.60K Played0 Comments

The muscular lion Leobo is masturbating! Play gay porn animation! Help cumshot kitty!