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Dudedle Studio Touch and Tease 3 Kodama Katsumoto

Touch and Tease 3 – Kodama Katsumoto

Dudedle Studio presents the third installment of their sizzling interactive erotic game series Touch and Tease 3! Dive into the role of a University soccer club coach who has more than just training on his mind. This time, the target of your steamy escapades is a charming, chubby student who might not be ready for what’s coming his way.


  • Engaging Visual Novel Storytelling: Unlike its predecessors, this volume offers a fully fleshed-out story told in a captivating visual novel style, ensuring you get drawn into the plot as much as the action.
  • Interactive Fun: From gentle touching and massaging to more daring acts like licking and beyond, the game is packed with interactive elements that keep things exciting.
  • Item System: Your choices and actions will earn you items that unlock new scenes, adding layers of depth and replayability to your experience.
  • Combo System: Get creative with your actions! Some moves can be combined to form entirely new and thrilling interactions, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.
  • Multiple Endings: The choices you make and the actions you take will determine the outcome. Explore different paths to discover all the endings.
  • Checklist System: Stuck and not sure what to do next? Follow the checklist for guidance and keep the momentum going.

Get ready for an erotic adventure like no other, where your decisions shape the story and the heat keeps rising. Download Touch and Tease 3: Kodama Katsumoto APK now and indulge in a world of naughty fun and tantalizing tales!

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