Bara Giants – Society of Pleasure

Added by on 2022-10-01

Bara Giants is an amazing game dedicated to all fans of the Bara genre. This hot premium game is about stud who works as an agent for the society that is keeping giants in control. This secret organization financed by the royal court of Argania’s Kingdom keeps giants from being threat to humankind and does everything to please them. Many agents work for this organization and one of them is our hero called William Vanbolt. He is smart and overcomes big tests from Society by inventing and using powerful magic potions. In the mission featured in the game, he has to meet two giants with totally different personalities. Choose the right path and discover the best ways to please each one of them. You can play this game as a visual novel (no battles) or a JRPG (level up system). There are multiple choices, romantic scenes and 5 amazing and unrepeatable endings. You can also choose between being Dom or being a Sub. So choose the route, make right choices, unlock endings and have a lot of fun.

Key Features:

· 2 Routes (Be a Dom or a Sub)
· 2 Game Modes (Visual Novel and J-RPG)
· 5 Endings (2 for each route + a common one)
· Multiple Choices
· Romantic Scenes

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