Boyfriend’s Rescue

Added by on 2022-10-08

Boyfriend’s Rescue is an adult platform gay game about a handsome guy trying to save his boyfriend who was trapped inside a magical book called the Gay Sutra. Use unique and powerful costumes in order to overcome horny creatures that will stand in your way and save your helpless partner! The key features include amazing animations and sexual costumes with different types of mechanics. The main protagonist has voice and moans provided by a real person and that is amazing. Navigate through map and enjoy unforgettable adventures. You for sure will love the story of this platform game that was inspired by the famous games from the ’90s. But unlikely to other games, in this you have a unique opportunity of riding big cock and having intense anal sex with your opponents. Overcome all obstacles, save your boyfriend and have a lot of fun while playing this unforgettable premium gay game.

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