Broghurt – Android APK

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Broghurt Android APK

In “Broghurt,” you step into the shoes of Ron Chee, a shy individual urged by his faculty advisor and mother to socialize more. In a bid to prove himself, Ron attends a party at the “Theta Delta Epsilon” fraternity, where he encounters “Broghurt” for the first time. As the game begins, you find yourself in Ron’s shoes the morning after the party, with no recollection of the events from the previous night, and realizing that your glasses, phone, and keys are missing.


  • Point’n’click/visual novel gameplay
  • A deep and immersive game world that deals with sex, frat bros, and alcohol
  • 16 animated/collectible sex scenes
  • 3 unique and interesting romanceable characters
  • 4-6 hours of immersive story (65k words)

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