Freezer Pops: A Hot Bara Business

Added by on 2022-10-08

Freezer Pops is an interesting Bara visual novel about a hot Brazilian guy who must find a way to pay for his house rent. He is a game developer and his roommate goes on a trip, thus leaving stud one-on-one with the problem of paying the rent for his apartment by himself. He doesn’t know what to do and watching TV gives him an interesting idea of selling freezer pops on the nearby beach. Turns out that this is an amazing way to make extra money and also a wonderful opportunity to meet new guys. His business starts well but not all beach vendors are happy with a new person in the market. Your main goal is to overcome competition and also succeed in your personal life. Enjoy amazing romantic scenes, more than 100 unique CGs, 2 routes and 4 unrepeatable endings. If you always wanted to experience unique Brazilian adventure, this premium visual novel about muscular gays is the perfect choice for you. Available exclusively on Windows.

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