Offscreen Scandal

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Get ready for a scandalous showdown in “Offscreen Scandal“! As the School Club Competition heats up, tensions run high as students vie for a chance to represent Fudan Academy on the international stage.

Meet Hanajima Yoma, a rising star on the FUDANSHINE Basketball Team, determined to lead his team to victory. But lurking in the shadows is his rival, Moriyama Ryousuke, captain of the Fudan Football Club, hell-bent on sabotaging Yoma’s dreams.

In a tale of rivalry and betrayal, Yoma must navigate treacherous waters as he faces off against Ryousuke’s dirty tricks and underhanded schemes. Will Yoma and his basketball club emerge triumphant, or will Ryousuke’s cunning tactics spell their downfall?

Prepare for a gripping narrative filled with twists, turns, and offscreen drama. Can Yoma outsmart his rival and lead his team to glory? Download “Offscreen Scandal” now and uncover the secrets that lurk beneath the surface of the School Club Competition. It’s time to play dirty and claim victory!

Developer BlackMonkeyPro
GenresYaoi, Sports, Bondage



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