Run, Kitty! Special Edition

Added by on 2022-09-28

Explore amazing romantic story in the Furry visual novel Run, Kitty! Special Edition. This game is dedicated to all people who have ever fantasized about having relationships with muscular Furry bodybuilders. Follow the story of naughty cat Simon who decided to skip university in order to walk through the forest. He gets lost while being chased by an unknown predator and gets rescued by his muscular colleague – a handsome dog called Richard. Simon has a huge crush on his well-built colleague but is shy to make the first move. Follow the development of their romantic relationships in this beautiful visual novel. Play the entire game to discover three different endings. Finish them all and unlock the bonus scenes! Discover the world that has 5 unique locations and have fun for several hours while enjoying the content and the ability to form a relationship with the huge dog. Thanks to this special edition, you get the game itself, original soundtrack and original art collection!

Key Features:

– A Romantic story rooted in the deep forest – Who will be your savior and future lover?
– Three distinct endings: Normal, Good, and Happy – Finish them all three and unlock the bonus scenes!
– Homosexual content – Enhance your time with your favorite muscular male!
– Includes Android App with purchase!

The game includes:

– Approximately two hours of game content
– A world composed of five unique locations
– Up to six artworks including two artworks of sexual nature
– The ability to form a relationship with the huge dog
– Android App with purchase!

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