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Monkey JANKEN Strip

35.53K Played3 Comments

Get ready for a wild and steamy adventure in Monkey JANKEN strip! In this sizzling gay sex game, you'll have the chance to choose between two enticing characters: Montaro, the mischievous little monkey, or Hiroki, the hulking, irresistible ape! It's a battle of wits and seduction as you face off against your opponent in rounds of Jankenpon. With each victory, you'll strip away a piece of clothing from your opponent, heating up the competition until one of you is left completely expose...

Dungeon Fucking Around

86.75K Played9 Comments

CG/Art by Javi (Chafoloco)

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Newton Isaacs

2.46K Played0 Comments

Newton Isaacs About: The Akademie of Mountshaft is renowned for storing all the knowledge that can be found across the Haremverse. The archivist of said Akademie is the man reviewing and cataloging all of this information. Because of this, Newton knows everything about everyone and he’s using that to his advantage, copying the sex techniques of the best men all around the world. But that’s still not enough for him. He prides himself on being very intelligent and with a potential great...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Bara Bunny

6.33K Played0 Comments

Loïc Carotte About: Manager of your harem and fearless hero recruiter, Bunny gets his name from his appreciation of frolicking. A real perverted bunny! He insists on trying himself out on every guy who enters your harem, because he might as well mix business and pleasure. He is a "wererabbit" who can travel between worlds thanks to his "burrow" technique. Don't forget that when he plays with his five chaos sex toys, he becomes "Golden Bunny" and needs you to go hard on him. And when he's ...