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Dress Up Yaoi

7.30K Played0 Comments

Mini dress-up game for all gays who have taste in fashion. Handsome Yaoi boy with exceptional abs is sitting in front of you dressed only in blue panties. The main purpose of the game is to dress up this submissive hunk. Try various shirts, pants and footwear. Do not be shy to experiment and do your best in order to make this stud look even better.

Curt Dress-up Game

11.44K Played0 Comments

Dressup Hero

34.70K Played3 Comments

Handsome ancient warrior is standing in front of you ready to satisfy all your fantasies. If you love dressing up characters, this gay game will be perfect for you. Change background behind warrior's back and not only. You can also have fun changing his hair colour, details of gear or even physical features.

Simba’s Closet

30.35K Played1 Comments

Furry gay dress-up game.

Crimson Blood’s Superman

22.33K Played2 Comments

Superman - Gay. Mini sex game for gay men with a muscular Superman! Undress the guy to the goal.

Horse Slave

30.02K Played0 Comments

Furry gay dressup game by Marvin Redtail