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Free Whistle and Hentai Quiz

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Interesting quiz game dedicated to all fans of gay sex games created by Newgrounds. Answer all questions correctly and get rewarded with amazing Bara arts. After answering correctly five questions, you can watch all pics that you have unblocked. Be attentive and enjoy awesome pics of hot gays with big cock making love and not only.

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Dr. Neo Futuro

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About: : A brilliant man, Neo, dedicated his whole life to the research of Spirimon. Years back, he discovered an interesting phenomenon that would heighten a Spirimon’s horniness as well as its stamina during sex. But there was more to discover, always more. He began to seclude himself and there are lots of rumors saying he’s mad, obsessed, and the weirdest of them all… that he hasn’t aged in a long time. Dr. Neo Futuro Hair Color: GreyEye Color: GreenBirthday: June...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Red Battler

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Henry Ulianov About: Originating from the cold steppes of the North, Henry Ulianov left at a young age to oriental countries to reinforce his talent for martial arts. Adept in hand-to-hand combat in every form, he learned foot techniques that are incredible in and outside the ring. He's ruthless in combat, and has a pronounced sense of justice on the ring and under the sheets. Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Brown Birthday: July 30th Zodiac: Leo Locati...

[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Bara Bunny

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Loïc Carotte About: Manager of your harem and fearless hero recruiter, Bunny gets his name from his appreciation of frolicking. A real perverted bunny! He insists on trying himself out on every guy who enters your harem, because he might as well mix business and pleasure. He is a "wererabbit" who can travel between worlds thanks to his "burrow" technique. Don't forget that when he plays with his five chaos sex toys, he becomes "Golden Bunny" and needs you to go hard on him. And when he's ...

Rock And Love 1

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First part of yaoi sex mini game by AetherMD.

An Enhancement

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An Enhancement - After returning from a visit to the local mediceman Zarlo decides to play a trick on an old friend.

Hentai Gay Game

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Hentai Gay Game presents you a quiz porn gay game in flash. If you answer the questions correctly you will able to see blowjob hentai scenes, images of anal gay sex.