Terry And The Cold Pizza (Demo) – Android APK

Added by on 2024-06-09

Welcome to the city of Blurville! A sleepy town in Canada and home to Terry, a clumsy young pizza delivery guy with a knack for finding himself in the most impossible situations!

Terry And The Cold Pizza Android APK

Terry’s hung up on his manager, Pedro, but it doesn’t really seem mutual because Terry is always a total disaster at work…

He lives with Kro, a lazy orc who spends his days on the couch playing video games, drinking beer, and jerking off. Kro is also a drummer in a local band that plays cheesy music.

Rick, their neighbor, is a recently divorced dad who is secretly in love with Terry, but still hasn’t accepted his attraction to other men.

Terry also has a strange little adopted kitty named Node…

Who’s gonna capture Terry’s heart?


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