Cruising Room – The Gay Romeo Walkthrough

Cruising Room - The Gay Romeo Game Play

Getting all the 4 condoms used

  1. Receive a dating card from Biker.
  2. Talk to the bartender. There is no clean glass for beer, so you offer to get some.
  3. Get the empty glass at the table.
  4. Talk to the kissing couple on sofa. They will tell you they are thirsty.
  5. Go to Darkroom. Take the razor from the baldy. Spill the beer on the white shirt hottie, and then take away the empty glass.
  6. Get the empty glasses for a couple of beers. Give it to the Kissing Couple.
  7. After conversation, go to toilet. You should meet them there, pick the right line to say, which eventually lead to using your 1st condom.
  8. Talk to the drunk guy beside bar. He lost his key at Sling room. Help him return his key. Pick up the mobile phone he left behind.
  9. Text message to biker’s date, talk to biker and his date will show up. Select the correct option to use the 2nd condom.
  10. Flirt with bartender to get the 3rd condom dirty.
  11. Take the razor to scare away the hairy guy beside bathroom (in front vending machine), buy a pack of smokes.
  12. Put a clean tape in the VCR, go back to Drakroom. Exchange the smoke for popping the 4th condom.