Yuki’s Tale

Added by on 2022-09-28

Explore fantasy world in the wonderful premium gay game Yuki’s Tale. In this game, the main hero called Yuki agrees to take part in a dangerous mission in exchange for big stack of cash. Hired by the Guild, he travels to the village together with partner. His main goal is to verify if the rumours that powerful mage is in possession of the mysterious book are true. During journey, guys are confronted by the villain. The big fight happens and Yuki’s partner gets arrested. He escapes and faces a dilemma – to return to a safe place and receive reward or to save friend whom he barely knows. Play this gay adventure game to find out if Yuki is eager to turn into a hero. Classic RPG gameplay will make it easier for you to enjoy game’s immersive story and characters. Thanks to day and night system, this game feels more realistic. Perform side quests to earn experience and not only. Have a lot of fun in the first RPG gay game made by Male Doll Studio.

Key Features:

• Classic RPG Gameplay
• Explore a Fantasy World
• Immersive Story and Characters
• Side Quests
• Day and Night System

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