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Ace Attorney Sim Date Vol 1 Demo

Date some characters from Ace Attorney. In Vol 1, only Maya, Adrian, Larry and Gumshoe are available. This is demo version, so don't expect to find any polished cg. More characters, conversations, places and other things will be added in the future.

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    Anonymous 8 months ago

    Larry Walkthrough
    – Go to mall and buy samurai toy (100)
    – Give it to larry, than he’ll become a Acquaintance
    – Use these answers
    When he ask What’s wrong? – I got dumped
    When he ask some way – Go straight…bula bula
    When he ask Do I know you? – We’ve met before
    Who is your favorite movie star? – Jacki chan
    Do you know timojalarck girls…- They are hot, aren’t they?
    I got dumped – If you date me, I’ll never dump you!

    And he starts to ask same questions, than you have to give him some gifts
    such as
    Paper tower (2)
    Samurai toy (100)
    3DS (250)
    Laptop (400)
    Don’t buy other things

    Starnger -> Acquaitance -> Firend -> Buddy -> Lover -> Soulmate

    When he became Buddy, he asks some gay questions like

    It sounds weird, but i gotta feel you are in to me – Choose charm answer
    Do you go to gay bar? – that is profligate
    I heard gay people got AIDS – Don’t you insult them!
    Do you like oral/or anal play – I’m changable

    and give him 3DS than few questions will lead Lover step

    I’m sorry, I think we gotta be friend – Do you want to live or die?
    I don’t understand gays not to see hot chicks – Do you still like women?

    he usually appears in Suberb, Restaurant, Mall

    spend 55 energy to 20(work at restaurant ), 20 (work at reastuarant), 10(Help at law office)
    than your reastaurant fee will increase

    and if you give him laptop and answer some questions…

    he will become you’re soulmate and he said

    I never thought love with a guy – More unpredictible thing will happen

    gumshoe ending

    work at restaurant twice, then help out at law office once
    buy wine and tie and give it to him before talking to him
    he likes pencils, ties, and wine
    buy 10 pencils, and remember that giving a gift only costs 7! Use your hp wisely. Talking to him costs 10. dating him requires 50l hp, and remember to be lovers to date! Also, bring gifts on date, and give him one everytime. go to harbour for dates
    play twice, give present once, and talk three times before kissing
    remember to do everything else before kissing

    ideal answers:
    “I’m just hanging out and enjoying the beautiful view”
    “I’m fine. It’s just my heavy work.”
    “Isn’t it good? You get to know to brilliant prosecutors!”
    “Not bad… But I think you’re more cute.”
    “There are rumors about him, but I think he’s nice!”
    “Excuse me? Who is Maggey? Is she your sister?”
    “Cheer up! Let’s play basketball together!”
    “No, I didn’t realize I was gay until I met you.”
    “Love conquers everything. There’s more joy than pain.”
    “Listen, I can be whatever you want. I can change my sex.”
    “I don’t care about that. I’m happy as long as we’re together.”