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Isekai Sim

Hello and welcome all to Starting Town Village! Your first stop in your very own Isekai adventure! Our protagonist is 'InsertNameHere' the nonbinary hero we all need! Starting out may be a challenge but we're sure that- what? What do you mean they were reborn with terrible stats and refuse to be murdered by a slime? What do you mean they're deciding to treat this world as an 18+ dating sim and get "all the 16-bit ass they can?!?". Er... Join 'InsertNameHere' the hero who never was find their way in this world, is it through our many gratuitous sex scenes? Or the various quests getting to know the NPCS of this world. A story of finding yourself and deciding what you want out of life, and earning the respect of others.​

Gayme by The Last Yuri Samurai.

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