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My Boyfriend v1 by HeXieXiongDi DieDieDie

Have you ever dreamed about creating an ideal boyfriend for yourself? Thanks to this amazing visual novel My Boyfriend, you have such an opportunity. In this gay game, you are an unlucky man who is fed up with being forever alone all the time. Try to collect all items and put them into the magical pot in order to make your perfect boyfriend. Search for the needed items, be careful with formulas and do not forget to save your game in order not to lose the entire result.

Collect items and make your beefy boyfriend.

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    Gaymer 1 year ago

    Find 8 Rotten Bones and 8 Used Batteries in the Dump. Use tab for aid. Find 8 Pencil in the Shopping Mall and Park Find Spring Water in the Creek Mix 1 Used Battery + 1 Pencil + 1 Spring water = 1 Battery. Make 8 Batteries in total. You need to put this in the couldron in order. One by one. Go to Mei’s Hut and answer “I want a boyfriend” and search for the Dragon Eye. Go to the Pharmacy and exchange the Dragon Eye with the Pet Snake. You can get the Pet Snake at the Park. To get the Thunderbird Meat, go to the restaurant. The waiter will ask you to carry his letter to the Stranger’s Mansion and wait. Open the letter. Then go back to the restaurant. Talk to the bartender at the Bar to exchange the Wine of Flame with the Witch’s Oil and Ancient Beer. The Witch’s Oil can be obtain at the Mei’s Hut by talking to Mei after talking to the bartender and the Ancient Beer at the Stranger’s Mansion on the bottom left corner. Mini Generator will replace with 8 battery. To obtain the Water of Youth, search for it first at Mei’s Hut and you will be able to access the Stranger’s House. Go in 3-4 times until you meet the girl and she will ask you 3 questions. You will get 4 Water of Youth if you get 90%. The Carp question = 0. Second question just type a. The Number question = 2 Hunk Sperm can be found in the toilet gym the second time. Combine all the ingredients and add 8 bone 8 battery 4 water and 2 thunderbird meat into the pot and get a perfect boyfriend. For those who are curious: Question 1 6 without the head is 0 9 without the tail is 0 8 cut in half is two zeros 0 + 0 + 0 = 0

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      Anonymous 1 year ago

      how, i keep getting 80 scores for the girl and cant get 4 water of youth

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    Anonymous 1 year ago

    Yeah, its impossible to get 90 scores.