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All Idleness and Ephemera

All Idleness and Ephemera – NSFW BL / yaoi VN about a couple of cousins who love one another a totally normal amount.

Yuel was only six years old when his mother died: put to death in a grisly public spectacle for her uncovered infidelity by her own husband, King Khalil.

Yuel has carried the weight of his mother’s death around him for many years, and is no stranger to feelings of abandonment. Largely ignored by his mother, even during her life, and shunned by his powerful, megalomaniacal father, Yuel grows up bereft, lonely, and unhappy.

Yuel’s only ally, as a young boy, is his kindly nursemaid, Safiya – but even she leaves him, once Yuel matures, and becomes a young man.

Now, shortly after his eighteenth birthday, Yuel comes to a crossroads in his life. Driven to madness by his own misery, he turns to his older cousin, Tavi for comfort – but he finds much more than he originally bargained for.

Yuel’s relationship with Tavi, in this spin-off of Ashes, takes on a significantly more sensual turn, as Yuel slowly learns how to overcome his sorrows in Tavi’s arms; and learns, too, how good it can feel to make somebody else feel good.


  • About 50,000 words of text (approx 2-4 hours of reading)
  • A kinetic story with no choices/branches
  • Detailed background and character art
  • A custom soundtrack
  • Lots of consensual BxB sex scenes
  • Silly banter
  • A significantly healthier love story than the one present in Ashes
  • Handsome men! ❤︎

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