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All Idleness and Ephemera – Android APK

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[icon name="android" prefix="fab"] DOWNLOAD APK (728 MB) All Idleness and Ephemera - NSFW BL / yaoi VN about a couple of cousins who love one another a totally normal amount. Yuel was only six years old when his mother died: put to death in a grisly public spectacle for her uncovered infidelity by her own husband, King Khalil.Yuel has carried the weight of his mother’s death around him for many years, and is no stranger to feelings of abandonment. Largely ignored by his m...

Shameless Impurity

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A fully m/m focused texted based adventure game without any “sissy” content. This is a proof of concept so far with the ideas mostly salvaged from my previous work on my gay remake “Incubus Dreams” WARNING THIS GAME FEATURES PORN VIDEOS WITH SOUND Shameless Impurity is a game about going off to college as a freshman all on your own in the big city. You just moved into your own apartment and have to figure out how to balance life, school, money, time, and romance.