[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Ashmit

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About: A once great and terrifying dragon, known for destroying castles and fucking whole armies without breaking a sweat, Ashmit now lives the life of an otaku. One day, while ransacking Gem Kingdom, he stumbled on a video game and was instantly hooked, addicted to the challenges they presented. Ever since that moment, he only emerges from his treasure cave once per year, on the day of the Pride Parade, to find a hot guy to bring back to his treasure cave. Even a dragon needs his Player 2.

Ashmit al’Garv

Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Purple
Birthday: December 1st
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Location: Black Hole Cave
Career: Treasure guardian
Style: Tentacle Tamer
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Hobby: Video games
Fetish: Submission

Parody Info: Fafnir (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)
Ashmit has a long hair similar to Fafnir but fades from white into various colors from a rainbow, representing the pride flag. In his base pose, he’s even carrying one. He wears a lavender suit instead of a black tailcoat jacket. Both Ashmit and Fafnir are former destructive dragons, owns a treasury, and is heavily addicted to video games and otaku culture. Both also rarely leave their place, Fafnir only go outside during anime convention events and for Ashmit, only during Pride Month.

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