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About: Sexual Desire Incarnate, Vitus is an essential Deity in the Haremverse. He brings forth lust and passion in their rawest form, no orgy would ever be complete without a visit from him. However, he prefers to avoid direct contact with most people as he dislikes the mortal world, preferring to stay in the realm of his origin. So when his oldest friend and lover Amotus left to spend his life in the Haremverse, it broke his heart. Thankfully, Amotus returned to him after a while and now he’s intent to show Vitus how precious even a mortal’s ass can be.

Deity Vitus

Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: August 10th
Zodiac: Leo
Location: Dickus Mountains
Career: Sexual Desire Incarnate
Style: Smutty Tempter
Favorite Food: Tartiflette
Hobby: Fencing
Fetish: Sperm lover

Parody Info: Thanatos (Hades)
Vitus’ hair is purple rather than white, his robe is blue, and his armor is silver, though Vitus lacks the pauldron on his arm. Thanatos is the personification of death while Vitus is the incarnation of sexual desire, and so his job is more on a kinkier side, though like the former, he also dislikes mortals. His relationship with Amotus is the mirror of the thing between Thanatos and Zagreus, though unlike them, the two are already lovers even before Amotus leaves the Underworld.

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