[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Heracles

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About: Hercules is one of the strongest and most lustful Heroes in the entire Haremverse. Gods and humans alike fall on their knees for his dick, but a single partner is never enough to satisfy him. Nevertheless, a few drinks and a big orgy should be enough to make you look good in his book.

The Mighty Hercules

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: July 31st
Zodiac: Leo
Location: Cocky Edges Mountains
Career: Protector of the Haremverse
Style: Dick Pick Addict
Favorite Food: Chop Suey
Hobby: Gardening
Fetish: Neck

Parody Info: Heracles (Record of Ragnarok)
Hercules wears white clothes on his base pose unlike Heracles that wears none. Hercules has black hair, rather than red, and his tattoo is gold in color, which is goes from chest to his arms, rather than on the body only. Both are powerful and kind gods, though Heracles still nonetheless joined the Gods’ side in Ragnarok, a tournament that will annihilate humanity, while Heracles is just a really kinky god.

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