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Newton Isaacs

About: The Akademie of Mountshaft is renowned for storing all the knowledge that can be found across the Haremverse. The archivist of said Akademie is the man reviewing and cataloging all of this information. Because of this, Newton knows everything about everyone and he’s using that to his advantage, copying the sex techniques of the best men all around the world. But that’s still not enough for him. He prides himself on being very intelligent and with a potential greater than almost anyone. But seeking the ultimate wisdom can bring its own dangers.

Hair Color: Black and Green

Eye Color: Golden

Birthday: February 15th

Zodiac: Aquarius

Location: Akademie of Mountshaft

Career: Archivist

Style: Player

Favorite Food: Beef with satay

Hobby: Fencing

Fetish: Costumes

Parody Info: Alhaitham (Genshin Impact)

Newton has darker green hair instead of lighter gray one. Rather than green, the coat and the fabrics on his waist are orange in color. He doesn’t wear a headphone, but an item that is based on Akasha Terminal. Both Newton and Alhaitham are office workers whose jobs is to collect informations for the Akademiya, though in GH, that institution is in Mountshaft, which is Mondstadt, not Sumeru. Both are very intelligent man, and in Newton’s pose, he’s holding an item based on Canned Knowledge, though this one functions as a buttplag. Like Alhaitham, he is also named after a famous scientist, the one that discovered gravity.

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