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Freshmen: Physical Education

Freshmen: Physical Education is an in-development, sex visual novel all about guy-on-guy sex and romance.
The narrative centers around Connor Brandt, who has recently come out and is navigating his newfound independence at the College for the 21st Century Arts, a vibrant, multidisciplinary institution located in a bustling city. As an aspiring writer, Connor finds himself tasked with a semester-long assignment that requires him to chronicle his experiences with sex and sexuality. However, there's a significant obstacle – Connor has never been in a romantic relationship before. Fortunately, the college campus is teeming with attractive and intriguing individuals. While some are purely seeking physical connections, others are interested in more profound and meaningful relationships. As Connor embarks on his journey, he must navigate through diverse personalities, each offering unique lessons in love and physical education. The choices players make will shape Connor's experiences and determine the course of his assignment. Which of these guys will you select to guide Connor through his exploration of physical education and romance?

A gayme by FreshmenVN

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