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Secret Strip 6 – A Police Officer

A Police Officer - Undress puzzle sex game from the Secret Strip series by SexyG. Enjoy!

- Click on his face to change it.
- Click on his clothes or items and see if they disappear.
- Each one of his clothes or items are related to a face. Before stripping them, remember to put the right face on.
- Different clothing or stripping and face combinations strips other clothes or items.
- To put his items or clothes back, click its respective heart.

When naked:
- Change the face and click his "package" to gain points.
- The lower points ends the game, yhe minimum leads you to the boner state, where you will have to keep the procedure.
- The more points you gain, more cum will be in the cum wet pic. The maximum cum amount you will grant you the freestyle mode.

A gayme from SexyG

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  • Avatar photo
    Gaymer 4 months ago

    Guide Secret Strip 6 – A Police Officer:

    Face 4 -> pants

    Face 5 -> shades

    Face 1 -> blue shirt

    Face 3 + pants (n°1) + blue shirt (n°3) -> club

    Face 6 + shades (n°2) -> hat

    Face 3 + pants (n°1) + club (n°4) -> white shirt

    Face 5 + blue shirt (n°3) -> gloves

    Face 5 + shades (n°2) + club (n°4) + hat (n°5) -> briefs

    • Anonymous 4 months ago

      How about the walkthrough about the right faces to make him cum and play the freestyle

      • -Star- 4 months ago

        How to play this game ? How to do this “Face 3 + pants (n°1) + blue shirt (n°3) -> club” ? I don’t understand and I was click on the club but nothing dissapear !

        • Avatar photo
          Gaymer 4 months ago

          Face 3 + pants (n°1) + blue shirt (n°3) -> club

          This means that you have to choose face number 3, put on a pants, put on blue shirt (click on the corresponding red heart at the top) and then you can take off club.
          Don’t forget to take off pants and blue shirt before doing the next step!

          • -Star- 4 months ago

            Thank you ! If I still have problem I will ask u :3

          • -Star- 4 months ago

            When I let him naked , I gain points by click on his clothes target before right ? Because I let him naked but don’t know how to gain points , so I failed :)))

          • Avatar photo
            Gaymer 4 months ago

            Same. No info about it.

          • When you get him naked change his face while tapping his dick to gain points you need to tap quickly and change faces fast

    • Anonymous 4 months ago

      How to do Face 6 + shades (n°2) -> hat
      I can’t do it

    • Anonymous 2 months ago

      Free Style Mode: (Change the face to these numbers then touch cock in this order)

      1 3 6 1 4 1 3 2 3 4 4 5 6 5

  • cursed 4 months ago

    can someone tell me which faces take their clothes off of him please

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago